When we ask people what you want in your life? The majority then responds desire to perform A, B, C, D, E, F…etc. but if you look at the lives of these people we can ask ourselves really want these things for your life? Again most people answer, Yes, if we want it. A lot of people cannot reach their goals because their desires are vague, warm, ideas which have been carried out in others and who believe that it will give them happiness, or that they will have a better quality of life, when our desire is very warm then you cannot have enough motivation to perform the actions demanded by the achievement of goals and objectiveswhich is why many people go bouncing idea in idea because they don’t have clarity of desires. In the book the secret of the power of the goals of ANDREW CORENTT you will learn how to define clearly your wishes, this task is not simple because it implies a high commitment, however Andrew Corentt give you timely techniques so that you can discover it personally, to read This book will be in your hands one of the most invaluable treasures for the achievement of goals, and is how to define accurately the clarity of wishes, in addition to a wide range of essential information to transform a person’s life through the achievement of goals. To achieve goals our desire must be true, or deep, it is a force so awesome that no stops at nothing, persons who do not understand it can qualify it with the following adjectives: madness, stubbornness, folly, closed person, intransigence, etc. But precisely are these adjectives which assure results, otherwise our goals and objectives may be succumbing to the pressure of circumstances. I I found people that I say, I really want a different life I’m bored / a. .

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