African Development

United Nations promotes a project to generate energy with the steam of the subsoil in the Rift Valley in East Africa. Geothermal power plants will operate in Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda. The first three, along with Somalia, excluded from the program, part of the Horn of Africa, one of the most unstable regions on the planet. The Icelandic company Reykjavik Energy Invest pledged to invest more than $ 150 million for projects of geothermal power in Africa, with the aim of extracting heat from the ground to produce almost all its electricity in the coming years. In fact, Iceland that Earth gets 90% of its energy, which attracts several world producers of aluminum. The World Bank also participates in energy of the Rift Valley development to finance another company that will launch geothermal plants with $ 140 million.

Kenya 1,700 megawatts of new geothermal capacity will be installed during the 10 years, 13 times higher than the current capacity and once and half greater than the total production of the country’s electricity capacity. The Horn of Africa is not known for its natural resources. But it is situated beside the Red Sea that separates these three African countries of the Arabian peninsula, a route for goods and petroleum Western ships. This area is known more by the scenarios of insecurity in the hands of pirates and poverty posed by the media in recent times. After several hijackings of vessels in the hands of pirates, China sent three ships with guided missiles, artillery and two helicopters at the disposal of a detachment of special forces to Somali waters. The Chinese Government declared that it seeks the option of intervening if the situation warranted it. Among those possible situations came putting in danger of Chinese merchant ships and vessels of the world food program borne these waters.

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