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German Cancer Aid

Vaganzo-ABC and the German Cancer aid sign cooperation agreement Vaganzo supports this golf season, the German Cancer aid for Europe’s biggest charity tournament series, the national finals in Ahaus, on 04.10.2008, with high-quality prizes for the participants and a great raffle. Around 160 golf tournaments, for the benefit of the German Cancer aid and the Deutsche KinderKrebshilfe ( took place this year. On October 4, 2008, the gross and net winners of the tournaments in golf and country club come Ahaus to the national finals together. All donate proceeds from this nationally-oriented event series, where in the past, weeks and months were approximately 8,000 golfers at the start, benefited the two facilities. In the framework of the initiative make a contribution to fight to illness, at the in Germany every year almost 400,000 people ill, including 1,800 children and adolescents. For 27 years, golf athletes collect donations for the German Cancer aid and the Deutsche KinderKrebshilfe on behalf of nationwide golf matches. With Success: Some 4.5 million presented since the athletes on the organization. The entire proceeds from the donations of all golf tournaments directly benefits the German Cancer aid and Deutsche KinderKrebshilfe.

Vaganzo is far active with regard to measurement mode for the Lady and the Lord Europe away from the fairways. An individual clothing has always been highlights the personality of the wearer. For this reason, Vaganzo manufactures classic, high-quality shirts not only for daily needs, but also for special occasions for its customers according to their wish and taste. In the Office wearing a suit or in the spare time only with jeans and jacket, with or without a tie. Size clothing by Vaganzo you can see you as a style-conscious people. Be your own designer and create their own personal measure shirt with the help of trained Vaganzo consultants.

Where you want it, in your Office or at your home a Vaganzo likes your mass consultants. Then individually select your fabric, collar, cuff and Pocket style. Select Their individual placket and back fold. Take advantage of the abundance of Vaganzo hull solutions to design your unique. If you wish, you can refine your dimension shirt with an embroidered Monogram or a company logo. In addition, Vaganzo offers a range of stylish, handmade ties made of finest silk with matching cuff links.

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Ongnamo Shipping

The healing power of acupressure-quality Pranamatten the traditional Indian nail mat is firmly rooted since more than 5000 years ago in the Vedic tradition.As an integral part of the teaching of the balance between body and mind now also in Europe an integral part of the teaching of yoga. Endocrinologist may help you with your research. The original Indian nail mat was now further developed and improved. Now the concept has been improved significantly, the Pranamat eco relies on the principle of the nail mat, was even further developed and improved. The development of Indian nail mat is occupied with 5500 tiny Lotus flower spikes. These tiny little Lotus Flower tips stimulate the meridians of the body.

The Pranamat eco can restore the balance between body, soul and mind with regular use. Application of Pranamat eco: the application of Pranamat eco the mat is placed on a surface, it can be either the bed or but a different surface. Then, the user places comfortably on the Pranamat eco. The position can be selected here individually. To the supine position has proven itself a neck pillow. In the prone position, many users feel the arms under his head as very pleasant. At the beginning, beginners create is also a lightweight cloth under the body, the Pranamat eco applied long time, you do without even the cloth.

At first application enough 10-20 minutes, the time can then be increased discretion. New in the product range and now with great demand, Ongnamo shipping offers the high-quality Pranamat eco in two colors. The Pranamat eco is made of purely natural materials. The cover is made of linen and cotton, the filling out of coconut fiber. The lotus flowers are high-impact polystyrene – a high impact polystyrene modified by rubber, which is anti-allergic of 1005. Each mat has a decorative motif of lotus flowers on the back. The dimensions of the mat is 74 cm x 45 cm x 2 cm, weight: 1.4 kg. Ongnamo shipping supplies the Pranamat eco in Ecru cover with Lotus flowers in Orange or purple. Each Pranamat eco is delivered in a practical box. The Pranamat eco was This year awarded product of the year 2010 at the Harmony World fair. Find out now about the Pranamat eco under: wellness/shaktimatte/akupressurmatte-pranamat-eco-orange.html contact: Thomas Albrecht wide main street 7 64404 Bickenbach Germany phone: + 49 (0) 6257 969 40 88 fax: + 49 (0) 6257 969 40 89 email: mail (at) ongnamo-versand.

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VALUE Guarantee Is The Most Bicycle-friendly Operation Of Hanover

Award for the warranty service provider Nr. PETA Hesse from the bicycle team of value guarantee and his colleagues received the award in the category of over 250 employees 1 into the device and bike protection during a reception at the new town hall. In addition to a certificate there for the company three city wheels Hanover wheel”, equal provided with depending on a high-quality bicycle Pannier. Qualified had the Hanoverian warranty service provider compliance with various criteria such as the provision of parking facilities and a bicycle transportation plan or service and first-aid offers biking staff. If you have read about TreeOf Life already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Joint outings with the wheel are value guarantee as well on the agenda such as service and bicycles, changing rooms for sports cyclists as well as special rates at the hotel’s own bike insurance. Join forces, employees have the value of the product this year also in the competitive action with the bike to work”participated and placed several thousand miles back While the environment protected and promoted the health. VALUE guarantee: Value guarantee is Germany’s guarantee service provider Nr. 1 in the equipment and bicycle safety.

Since 1963, the Hanoverian company simple, successful warranty solutions about the statutory warranty and customer satisfaction is. Marketed products, especially the medium-sized retail stores in the fields of brown/white goods and IT / telecommunications are the value of the product. Other partners are collaborations, groups, manufacturers, customer service and service companies. Currently, the company, which itself can count among the 100 best employers of in Germany, employs 286 people.