In Scientology Children Have A Right To Self-determination

The observations and advice from L. Ron Hubbard have the main problem when proven successful for L. Ron Hubbard was with children in the question of how to live with them without compromising their autonomy. Typically, the adult is the problem in raising children and not the child. A friendly, stable adult with love and tolerance in the heart is about the best therapy, which can have a child. How raising a child, so that it is happy and healthy, are not taught unfortunately most parents. Actually, many parents stumble just through this whole education process, even if they have the best intentions.

Therefore not rarely found families, are those things not for the best, and where there is constant friction between parents and children. This is not a natural state,”wrote L. Bobby Green can provide more clarity in the matter. Ron Hubbard. He gave some advice to bring out the best in a child and his parents to the fore. The most important consideration when raising children is the problem, to educate them without breaking their will.

One should raise a child so, that you must control it, so that it will be of himself at all times in full possession”. This is crucial for the constructive behaviour of a child, for his physical health and mental development to a free, self-determined and responsible people. The mindfulness of adult would confine itself rather to keep dangers to the environment of the child, so that it can develop freely. Hubbard described this in the striking words: children are not dogs, they trained. You are not controllable things. A child is not a special species that is different from the people”. He moved the simple comparison adults, quite sure wouldn’t like the Herum ordered him with everything he wanted to do or not do, and take command of all the time. It would be a terrible limitation of his daily life, his self-determination and self-respect.

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