Literature Prize Winner

three regular and three special awards of the last anthology tenders ladies and gentlemen, in March we the winners of the Special Prize for the best story, the privacy, data theft, data abuse have discussed, in our Hall of Fame”on the Publisher home page presents. The price was of the Sponsorinnnen “B. Paul’s privacy” and ‘Privacy advice of Broers’ in our first anthology tender 2011. Here again, our 3 winners place 1: 100 Christopher Maria Kaatz “Wrong pitch” place 2: 60 Gaby rear with “Fall into the pit of the data” space 3: 40 with “The game of tax offenders” all short stories are Olaf Lahayne in the crime fiction anthology “Cruor, stories of blood and murder” to find. The winners of the prizes promised by candela-Verlag for the best short stories of all three genres of the 2010 competition have been identified well. The jury consisting of three lecturers and three TestleserInnen their single rating criterion was the quality of the texts, has decided as follows: “” 1st prize with 100: Wolff Rump with turning buoy “in the crime fiction anthology cruor” an absolute highlight. “” “” And since tied twice on the second prize with 50: Renate Behr back to Cologne “in the crime fiction anthology crour” and Sybille Conti with behind glass “venerii in the erotic anthology” including excerpts of award-winning short stories and short portraits of the authors in addition to the documents, see the Hall of Fame. Regards Christoph Bizer Neff for the team of the candela candela Publisher, Christoph Bizer Neff, PO box 1145, 71398 basket. Mail, home:

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