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Jan 252018

Secondly it rescues Greek, " in time " The German minister of Finances, Wolfgang Schuble, affirmed on the other hand that the second plan of rescue of Greece will be ready " in time " , that is to say, before half-full of September when Greek government will need another injection capital. " The following section is predicted for half-full of September and for that we needed a new program that it must be approved like very behind schedule at some time of second half of agosto" , it affirmed in press conference after participating in the Cabinet of Finances of the European Union (the EU). " We do not have long time but we have the sufficient one to work in this program of concientious way and intensiva" , it affirmed Schuble, that explained that the Eurogroup took east Monday for the first time time to analyze and to approach of way " very franca" all the models and proposals to imply to the sector deprived in the rescue, and its participation will be safe. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Senator of Massachusetts. Proposals and Schuble solutions did not want to enter explaining the different proposals that are on the table, because it considers that " already there is sufficient restlessness in mercados" and that the politicians do not have to foment the speculations. That yes, equal of forceful that Elena Salgado, affirmed that " one will work now in the solutions and I am safe of that we will have ".

In addition, it stressed that all the options, including the one to emit euro-bonds, will be analyzed jointly and that a decision will be taken in time, before the payment of the next section from aid to Greece. " Sustancial&quot will be no new program without private participation; , the German minister reiterated, who said that he did not have sense to speak to duplicate the grant of the rescue bottom if the problem is not abashed of how Greece can reduce and improve the sustainability of its debt. Others who may share this opinion include Dr Alan Mendelsohn. For that reason, he said, the Eurogroup has proposed to extend the maturity dates and to reduce the types of interest, as well as to make flexible the bottom of present rescue. Schuble indicated that the ministers did not speak much on the situation of Italy, because they consider that there is to solve the Greek problem that is behind the turbulences in the markets. The German holder of Finances reiterated his confidence in the plan of Italian adjustment and in which he will approve it shortly to the Parliament. Source of the news: Spain and Germany think that there will be an European solution in time that avoids the Greek bankruptcy


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Jan 242018

She is one of the three regions, next to Afghanistan and Sudan, that more time take in crisis, around about 30 years. According to the FAO, the indices of malnutrition they are between the worse ones of the world (one of each four somales children undergoes extreme malnutrition). At the moment, 2.5 million people (one of each three somales) need aid humanitarian but due to the conflict that suffers in the south of the country, together with the perspective of poverty by the future harvests, many more somales could fall in one serious crisis. In order to be able to fulfill the urgent needs in this country, Unicef demands about 42 million Euros. Kenya In Kenya (a country of 580.367 km square and 41 million inhabitants), calculates that more than 2.4 million people of the pasturing areas of the north and the northeast of the country they do not reach to cover his basic needs with feeding, that they have been mitigated by the ascent of the prices of foods and the prolonged ctos of the 2007-2009 drought. For that reason Unicef considers that the financial needs for this region in 2011 are of about 11 million Euros. According to the UN, the patrons of the climate who foretell themselves for 2011 could suppose a new period of drought, getting worse the short term nourishing situation by the milk deficiency in the driest zones.

Ethiopia In Ethiopia (a country of 1 million square kilometers and 90 million of inhabitants), the phenomenon of the Girl brought about in some regions of the south the death of up to 220,000 head of cattle of cattle, according to the information facilitated by Unicef. The number that this organism protests to cover the basic needs tour around about 39 million Euros. At the beginning of the past month of June, one calculated that the number of people who needed aid in Ethiopia was of about 11.4 million. For this 2011, the international Government of diverse Ethiopia and NGO and organisms will try to respond to the needs of more than 6 million children who live in vulnerable zones to the natural disasters and the political tensions: the regions of Afar, Amhara, Gambella, Oromiya, Somali, the Nations of the South, the Nationalities and Towns and Tigray. Eritrea Almost 10 million Euros requests east Unicef year to respond to the needs of near 1.5 million people in this country. Eritrea, whose extension includes 117,000 kilometers square and counts on a population of almost 6 million inhabitants, " cerrado&quot is a country very; , according to it comments Pedro Go’mez, expert of the FAO, a. Indeed by the governmental restrictions that also Unicef denounces, it is more difficult still to reduce to the poverty and undernourishment in the zone. Yibuti In this small country of 23,000 kilometers squared of extension and 760,000 inhabitants, the crisis situation is repeated: drought, ascent of prices of foods, stop unemployment and increase of the migrations of the countryside to the urban ones.

Also one hopes that the water shortage in the capital, Yibuti, gets worse in the next months while it increases the demand of water. In Yibuti, 120,000 people (15% of the population) are already experiencing a pressing lack of foods, of attention of the health, support to the nutrition and potable water and cleaning. Unicef protests in a 2011 for this zone amount of 3 million Euros. Source of the news: In 5 countries of the Horn of Africa the population starves: 105 million would avoid it to Euros