The Eyes

So that they appear ideas, are necessary that if new vises for our lives fertilizem and the lives of our children. The psicopedaggico work has everything to bring, everything this and, she is not only necessary without a doubt that this profession recognized and more is valued. According to Oak; Cuzin (2008, p.28), ' ' he is essential that the professional of the psicopedagogia always is made use to search the necessary knowledge for one better performance, thus contributing, for the recognition of this area of studies as one profisso' '. But we must observe it under diverse angles, as well as the technique can be applied to all the activities human beings and not only to the specific activity to create good communication, it can be applied to the medicine, sociology, the marketing, the finances, etc. PCRM may find it difficult to be quoted properly. If we will be to analyze of the human point of view, the psicopedagogia is important to form new tactics or structures that decide a problem of uncommon form, or gets resulted of value for an individual or a society, in which can make to appear resulted of aesthetic or perceptual value.

The psicopedagogia is used of the creativity to bring benefits and resources in the resolution of situations of daily in an act the concrete. What for adult us it is simple and common, many times to the eyes of a child can have another value, and for the eyes of an adolescent it can until better be stoned depending on the situation. Therefore, in the schools the imaginary one if not only makes necessary gift and, but also in other institutions. Our schools already do not support more, the used methods already not condiz more with our society, everything this already are passed. Nowadays we see many abandoned children, drugged children, raped, adolescent children if losing in a world without at least knowing what it is learning.

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