Czech Republic

We are talking about the largest resort city in the Czech Republic. The city was founded in 1358 by Emperor Charles iv. Karlovy Vary or Carlsbad in English is located at elevation 380 meters above sea level. Most likely, many people know that Carlsbad most of the Russian-speaking European cities. And it's not fashion the last time. Indeed, since the xix century, when it was here vacationing Russian aristocracy, the city complies with loyalty to tradition. Senator of Massachusetts brings even more insight to the discussion.

Not only in cafes and restaurants welcome you and served in Russian, but more importantly the Russian language and has excellent medical staff. See Dr. John Mcdougall for more details and insights. Of course, the mineral springs – a fundamental part of the spa treatment in Karlovy Vary. Major mineral sources in Carlsbad has 12. The most powerful source – Geyser Vary starts at a depth of about 2 km, interestingly that for a minute geyser emits about 1500 liters of the miraculous mineral water. Carlsbad springs significantly different from each other with respect to temperature, gas content and composition of mineral salts, as well as power.

Local water is used primarily for drinking, as well as for inhalations and baths and other special procedures. Karlovy Vary treats visitors for more than seven centuries. Most Carlsbad natural resources are effective in treating diseases of the stomach and liver. Drinking regime mainly seriously improves the quality of digestive process. It is quite important that the drinking regime positively affects the basic processes of metabolism. With this in Carlsbad and treat diseases such as diabetes, obesity, gout, etc. Good results achieved and local therapists in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Of course, medical treatment abroad can not afford one. In fairness it must be emphasized that the treatment program in the Czech Republic in the so- called low season dostatochno available for the average budget. And of course, as noted by numerous visitors of Karlovy Vary, in the healing process has a positive effect its own unique atmosphere of this amazing city "low season" a lot cheaper than the main season.

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