Personal Value

The self-worth or self-esteem are an important condition for establishing healthy relationships. Having a proper personal appreciation leads to establish clear boundaries about what we are willing to tolerate or not, in our relationship. The appreciation by my body, my physical, my emotions and feelings, by my life emotional and psychological, as well as respect for my actions and for the work that I do, is a way to start a relationship in terms of equity. If on the contrary, all the time I need my couple approve my physicist, my manner of dress, speak, feel, choose friends who agree me, as well as my studies or work, then surely I have a totally distorted self-esteem of who I am. The personal value is something that feels, is not a concept, is an experience of my own person, therefore, is an internal condition.

The outside may not give us that value, that feeling. The karat valgus only I can determine them, and that is a private act. When We have a value of ourselves, and despite this, we tolerate that our privacy and our intimate lives invade, then we are allowing another exceeds the limits of my dignity, my truth, is my being and my individuality. Yes my partner is linked via humiliations, criticisms and indignities, wants to control my life and myself, the immediate feeling is shame and intrusion. The couple committed an act of intrusion with my person. These conditions destroy love and make it pain.

We live waiting for the couple we esteem that we can not give us to us same. We are aware of what he thinks of us, voices of what we, as well as their criticisms and disqualifications. We have great power in the couple. The power to destroy us or appreciate us. Living well, is to be plagued with relations of dependency and fusion.

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