The Beginning

That feeling of insecurity in childhood trying it not to repeat, and instead of finding your soul mate, one that complements them and live with them, find someone who deal with with a magnet and forget it up themselves. They blame their parents by the shortcomings of his childhood, or abandonment in case of having been abandoned by them in his childhood. But their responsibility as adults is now examining his past to recognize all these defects both affection and security validation, and find out how healthy satisfy them for the obsession by a former partner. When a relationship ends, those involved are left with a feeling of frustration at not having been able to realize a project that seemed ideal at the beginning. However, there are those who do not accept this reality, clinging to the memory of the broken relationship, even to learn to his former partner in a new relationship do not support it and the obsession is so great that they intend to do harm to the new partner of his ex, with insults, telephone calls, verbal assaults and others so that they intend to break that new relationship, with the thought that if I am not happy, they will not be so.

Sometimes seek to continue with it, even knowing that he is with another girl, kill me, but don’t let me. In general, people who are obsessed by her former partner cling to something that was yours, or perhaps that it never was; but they refuse to lose. This occurs because, at any stage of life, there has been an emotional deficiency who don’t want to relive. Love or obsession? If there is no understanding and respect, no te enganes: is not love. It is low self-esteem. When you have low self-esteem, the sense of life is situated in the conflict, the envy for those if they are happy, be aware of what makes his former partner.

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