If not lower than your ideal weight (from 7% to 15% for men and 13% to 25% for women), never really have the body you want. You will not feel well and you’re dramatically increasing the likelihood of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, respiratory problems, cholelithiasis, strokes, impotence, etc. If you don’t take responsibility for losing weight at this very moment, then probably you will continue getting fatter and increasingly feel worse with yourself. If you lower your ideal weight, you will have the ideal body, more energy and greater concentration. Your skin will be more beautiful and healthy, you will feel better and the people to your around you will also notice it.

To understand how you can download 0.75 kg of fat per week and never more re-upload them, need to clear the following concepts: glucose: glucose is a monosaccharide, i.e. a molecule that cannot break down into smaller parts. When the glucose you have blood enters into the your body’s cells and binds with oxygen, this functions as fuel for your body. Glucose you have blood, is absorbed from the carbohydrates you eat. Glycemic Index: The glycemic index of a food tells you how quickly food glucose enters your blood.

The higher this number, the faster the absorption of carbohydrates, therefore, your blood glucose levels also increase rapidly. Isulina: Insulin is a hormone that is in your bloodstream, which is secreted by your pancreas. Its function is to allow the glucose you have blood, into the cells of your body. Insulin lowers blood glucose levels. When you eat carbohydrates from a high (such as bread, rice, or pasta) glycaemic index, glucose from food is absorbed quickly. This makes it your insulin level to also rise higher than desired. High insulin level prevents the glucose is absorbed into the cells in an optimal way and why glucose is stored as fat.

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