Basil Addition

I mean, the ancient Valley. I have had the grace to read this work. Some of his friends preserved as a precious jewel, a copy of the same. It was edited with a print run minimum, as if it had wanted to safeguard it from many perspectives. I would like to comment, with humility, but with joy, something of what they say:-is a work divided into 33 cantos.

The first Canto introduces the place where the stories will develop and says:-standing on a cliff, supported by my staff of boxwood, grown beard and dry face by winds tramps, to thirty rifle shots, the most beautiful place of creation (refers to the Valley that gives the book its name). It is this – I said to myself – a quiet place and started down to the Valley of Nir. The insects I waved and birds, thorns of the Bush, silkworms and spikes and they said: here is Vosler Cra, the bear Hunter, the brother of all beings. Thus inserts to the main character and the Valley of Nir, place where the character stays for 50 years. I’m going to allow comment on some passages that show him so rich in language, in addition to mentioning incredible metaphors which characterize it. In my opinion, this book has a great life teaching in every anecdote which relates and that – in addition – proves to be a great connoisseur of the vegetation and the tasks of the field. Goes on to say: hundreds of fireflies dripped greenish gold flight between San Blas and laurels, and the smell of thyme and Basil floated lazily in the air. Beautiful hour this place in which Dios runs the sown with cotton and guard foot in their beards stray pigeons; While he smoked my pipe of Briar root and loneliness filled me the soul, as it fills with rain a forgotten pitcher in the wasteland.

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