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The Centre for tumour therapy tumor immunology – dendritic cell therapy complementary cancer treatment from Stade informed the established tumour therapy such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy procedures drastically restrict the well-being of patients treated. An alternative to painful and harmful to cancer treatment represents the electro cancer therapy informed by naturopaths Sven Sbrezesny. The electro cancer therapy based on biochemical inspection, that the cells of a tumor guide better power than healthy tissue. As the flow following the immutable laws of nature, is done by those substances that exhibit the lowest electrical resistance, or in other words, have the highest electrical conductivity, electricity for the treatment of cancer can be harnessed. The different conductivity of healthy and diseased cancer tissue is exploited by the electro cancer therapy. This DC current in the tumor cells is routed through Platinum electrodes.

The flow of the depolarized diseased tissue, causing the tumor metabolism is stimulated to the production of acids. The pH in the cells of the tumor falls far enough, they die. The body’s immune system of the patient ultimately degrades the remaining remnants of the degenerate tumor tissue. On the basis of the theory given current flow, healthy tissue surrounding the treated cancer tumor, is kept from harm. For this reason, harmful side effects of therapy are not likely, yet known.

The special properties of the cancer therapy electro efficiently support the successful treatment of solid cancer tumours, which clearly differentiate yourself from surrounding tissues. As a non-invasive therapies, it reduces the need for operations. She undergoes increased use if surgery for aesthetic reasons should be avoided or could cause irreparable damage to bodily functions. Sven Sbrezesny has many years of professional experience and comprehensive expertise in cancer therapy. Stade in the natural healing Center is composed the dedicated healers for the needs of his patients with body-friendly, focused on wholeness, therapies such as the electro cancer therapy a. He is with advice and assistance in all areas of cancer and pain therapy at her side.

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