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Mobile Technologies

Currently, mobile technologies are being introduced more deeply into people's lives. Existing standards provide consumers with not only voice calls and transmit SMS. There is a growing multi-media services and are data services. And the cost of the latter is gradually approaching the cost of wired Internet access via leased lines. Also, thanks to the emergence of 3G data transfer rates equal the existing technologies to the wired Internet access. (A valuable related resource: Bobby Green). This gives a big boost to a significant increase in volumes of packet data in the future. However, today provided the data rate will meet subscriber needs to run only a few years ahead.

Amount of data transmitted over telecommunications networks, communication is constantly increasing. New services provided by operators Cellular also require greater bandwidth. All this will eventually lead to the fact that the 3G network will not meet the needs of customers in the coming decades and will require a new standard for high-speed wireless mobile communications. In order to create a cellular network, which would satisfy the needs and subscribers, and operators in the next few years, in 2004 began development of a standard mobile fourth generation – LTE (Long Term Evolution). Work on it is an organization 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project). At the very beginning of the cornerstone principles were as follows: Increase the system capacity and reducing the cost per bit informatsii.Dostizhenie much higher data rates than existing third-generation systems. Target: At least 50 Mbit / sec – uplink (from phone to base station), 100 Mbit / sec – downlink (from base station to the phone).

More coverage due to the use of higher data rates to a broader area of coverage and flexibility in the use of frequencies involved systems 2G and 3G, and new frequency diapazonov.Dostizhenie higher system capacity, up to 3 times compared to existing systems – more services at less cost to the subscriber. By May 2010 have been released tenth release standard LTE-Advanced. The prefix 'Advanced' was added after were combined efforts of two organizations: 3GPP and IMT-2000, which developed a standard of IMT-Advanced. The world's first commercial cellular network was launched LTE standard at the end of 2009 in Sweden. It is already known that many operators in developed countries are planning to launch LTE network in the next 2-3 years, including Russia. Our country is an auction, which were raffled off frequency for the standard networks. Some operators have started testing LTE. If talk about the equipment for networking standard LTE, most of the leading companies specializing in the production of telecommunications equipment, are already offering solutions for cellular operators. In addition, the market Cell phones are emerging models that support this standard. It's safe to say that in the next few years appear adequate choice of subscriber equipment at an affordable price, because Manufacturers have felt the promise of the standard and try to fill in time before the arrival of market competition. Thus, LTE – a fourth-generation standard. Cellular network, built on the standard provide data transmission at speeds of several hundred megabits per second (Rel.10 – 324 Mbit / sec) have a high capacity and efficiency. All this gives grounds to say that LTE networks are very promising, as one solve the problem of the operator and the other at a sufficient level satisfy the needs of customers for the long term. For more information about the standard of LTE, as well as other cellular standards can found at: Cellular

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Thoughts About The Accident At The Albertville-Realschule In Winnenden

The extent of the disaster in Winnenden is incredible for us all, because it goes beyond imagination and reveals in infinite suffering, life / humans to produce are capable of. We are a company of elbow, which propagated, that it pays to engage solely for themselves. Our education system is still set to selection. Is not it then but in the system, that people feel excluded and devalued and possibly something like revenge thoughts develop or require the special public importance? Of course, it is important that personal power has a value for a company. Necessary but not the social and individual responsibility with regard to the way of handling the we maintain with each other? What is it with humanity, attention, appreciation, awareness or education in the school? It much of community of values and learning is spoken, it is always also lived? Is it really so that weak student recognition and Encouraging experiences? We live together or we care for each other? There is even a consideration for weaker under the pressures of globalization? Perceives the teacher individual / n schoolchild ever the in even experienced life context? A poor breeding ground seems to be me that largely determines the formation of young people also still prevailing distrust culture.

Are children/teenagers really inherently lazy? That reflects not the self image of the older generation, which actually largely thought of if I’d not encouraged, would I do anything? We think if we do not control, stop, seek, if we do not subjugate and cut to size, then nothing is learned. Our whole education system is actually built on a culture of mistrust. Also in the school more uniformity than diversity promote and demand. It is really reasonable, that we us the students largely think administratively as education consumers, which should formally mentally absorb and consume.Instead, we could awaken interest or encourage them to exceed their own limits.

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RTF-to-HTML DLL .net – Word Processing Component

RTF-to-HTML DLL.NET is the most versatile component if you cast including the layout used in the HTML, TXT, XML, XHTML format with cascading style sheets – Word data. The RTF-to-HTML DLL .net – component makes the conversion of files easier, faster and more efficient, as it is in Microsoft Word. Whether as an editor for RTF, HTML and XML, XHTML files, as a report generator or in conjunction with Web applications – RTF-to-HTML DLL .net very versatile usable. Application example Office and Internet applications: With RTF-to-HTML DLL .net you can realize fast corresponding to the State of the art applications, which connect the paper – and fax-based agency with Web technologies. The RTF-to-HTML DLL .net can be used making it ideal for processing such as price lists, timetables, travel dates, parts lists etc. The component provides support for formatting different formatting options, so that you keep from your original RTF files. This includes support for fonts, faces and Sizes and support for various image formats, tables, frames, and hyperlinks.

RTF-to-HTML DLL .net provides full Unicode support along with other special characters, so you can use if your Web content is primarily in a different language, the use of the Latin alphabet. The only prerequisite for the operation is to the. NET platform have. Database applications: RTF-to-HTML DLL. NET allows you easy and efficient to implement RTF documents to HTML.

The component can be connected to any database type. The data can be stored in the internal binary format, RTF or HTML data. Both the entire text as well as components can be stored via macro fields in a record or read from this. For professional Web developers, this component is platform-independent and supports both 32-bit and 64 bit systems. The only requirements is .net 1.1 or higher. The component creates also quickly small HTML data, and provides full support for a wide range Formatting options availability of the English version of RTF-to-HTML DLL. NET is now available on the site available.

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With this statement hard to argue if we want our apartment or house were with normal humidity and people feel comfortable – needed airflow. Donald Cerrone takes a slightly different approach. Standard defines the required amount of air which should postpit within one hour. The kitchen is 70, bathrooms – 50 accommodations – 20 per capita. Ensure adequate ventilation wooden box – one of the major problems faced by manufacturers of windows made of wood. No exchange of air affects the microclimate in the premises and, therefore, can lead to excess moisture. In Russia, in residential homes are basically natural systems ventilation.

Historically, the fresh air is a must. Outflow of exhaust air, naturally provide ventilation grilles (gratings have been and continue to be in kitchens, bathrooms and WC). Natural ventilation system works only if the following basic requirement for wooden windows – they should not be sealed 24 hours a day. A growing number of complaints against misted windows, wooden Fiberglass and objective deterioration of wooden boxes made of manufacturers of wooden windows to think about. Now, many firms, to ensure proper humidity in the room, offer wood windows mikroschelevym airing.

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New Luxury In The Bathroom

More and more luxury is coming the times of the “quiet village”, where the only furniture of the first aid kit was in German bathrooms, are long over… To broaden your perception, visit Tony Ferguson. the sky thank. Today, the bathroom has become a place of general well-being and relaxation. It is the space where one morning the new day is located and in which it-ridden body to prepare the stress in the evening on a good night’s sleep. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Glenn Dubin, New York City and gain more knowledge.. It is the place where you have at last a few minutes all on its own and what one should also fully enjoy. For these reasons alone, one should therefore afford a little luxury in the bathroom.

Technically valuable bathroom furniture are a good start there. It plays hardly any role whether one has now about 6 or more square metres. Bathroom furniture are today so conceived that they can be housed in small spaces. Bathroom furniture is offered in all kinds of designs and materials. Thus something suitable for every personal taste should be.

Make sure you should but always on a good Processing and this is the newly purchased bathroom furniture also water – and steam-resistant. Especially in the now customary smaller bathrooms you should look for in addition to the external beauty also on practical functionality of the bathroom furniture. They should offer plenty of storage space and easy to maintain one. When buying bathroom furniture should be not pedantic, you can save through the use of washing and floor heating. And to give even the finishing touches to this small, but well deserved luxury you should look around once at all the beautiful bathroom accessories. Dirk STAUDINGER

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Business Forum

Business Forum Our earthly existence is filled with a number of immutable concepts, which are a priori considered to be the everyday sense. With age, the acquisition of experience and flow of life, these meanings can vary drastically, being dependent on specific situations. For one – a welcome accomplishment would be acquiring the long-awaited tool Makita, and the other will be delighted with the donated collection of Baudelaire. Additional information is available at Senator Elizabeth Warren. Yet the vast majority normal mature people always believe the bedrock value of the family hearth. Thrice rights proverb which says that human life was not in vain when he planted a tree, grown son and built a house.

Well, Of course, even in the courtyard of the house to wash his own water gun jeep Karcher, but proverbs are far from such a detail. Speaking seriously, it is always and everywhere the construction of housing as the basis of life, has a special role. The brutal essence was simple: not having a roof over your head or not had time to create it or died from cold or from enemy attacks. Robust housing has become synonymous with good living. House as a family home and citadel of comfort, has always been animated substance, which has its own magnetism and inhabited by living beings, at least remember the brownies. And today the world is clearly expressed in the reverse migration, where people are from urban apartments tend back to nature, in private homes. And let those originally intended to be home summerhouses. Hear from experts in the field like Assurant Health for a more varied view.

Atavistic longing for nature's calling people out of town and in the winter. Many, taking the heat gun and heaters, while away on the nature of the winter holidays. A period of financial instability in building the cottage – not a bad way to invest and save money. This type of construction as the construction of country cottages, long since gone beyond the framework of the notorious six acres and limited square feet. Rose scale, needs and financial capabilities. Construction of the scope of the initiative and enthusiasm turned into a bare serious business, region with clear separation of functions and a wide range of services required. These include the company and to develop projects of houses. Depending on whether you build a house of brick or wood, there are going to apply the technology to non-removable formwork, designers and architects to fulfill your needs "turnkey" any design decision, which in the course of construction will be promptly corrected. After specifying the details organizations involved in supply of building materials, pick up and bring to the construction site are necessary, and after the construction of a zero cycle will give you time to think again and figure decoration interior balcony railing. If you prefer trust complicated stages professionals – skilled team of builders will perform all necessary work, leaving only the function of the customer monitor the cases. Each of these areas today, no doubt, is an evolving vidsereznogo and demanded the business. Business Blogs

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Buy Mattresses Online: The Best Shops In The Test compares 9 online-shops for mattresses Hamburg, January 12, 2012 nearly a third of his life the person spends basic sleeping enough, to make any unnecessary compromises when choosing the place of sleep. A mattress that fits your own sleep habits plays an important role. Online stores save the bulky transport their customers and deliver the new mattress comfortable home. But the Web expert advice through the shop is vital, so that later the sleeping comfort not neglected. In November and December 2011, has tested nine online-shops for mattresses and shows which providers are the prices, product selection and service. The result: Narrow winner is the universal with the note 2.01. The online shop boasts not only a large variety of products and competitive prices, but offers customers a simple course of order and quick responses by email or telephone. (2.04) must be a with a difference of only 0.03 points of note almost defeated and occupied the second place. Third party is already (2.11), with better spacing (2.37) and (2.45). Award winners: Quality champion the best deals for budget offers “Only one of the nine tested shops assessing the price of the note easily reached” (1.97) and is the clear winner “. The leader in the overall standings ahead of (price rated 2.58) close behind placed himself (2.71).

Who emphasizes, however, comprehensive services and comfortable shopping online, is likely to be especially in the quality-winner” feel. “As the only provider, receives excellent rating” for the website and also in the area of order & service “the top grade. Also, is the online-shop can be reached by phone around the clock, and answered E-Mail questions within two hours in the test. Telephone hotlines and E-Mail service does not grow through yet in all tested shops, a contact is made easy. From three online stores, the testers had no response after four weeks. At least four shops responded asked a Friday afternoon contact request via E-Mail on the weekend, two more said on Monday morning. Who is still unsure and would like to consult, before buying can do this by phone: with three shops the customer can free contact, five more accessible at a fixed rate. A consulting offers two shops even on Sundays. Usability improvement can search online customers without telephone consultation according to the necessary information. It is only in the half of the tested party comfortably: eight shops give their customers information texts and purchasing consultant at hand though, but usually lack a comparison function. A direct comparison between the many different mattresses is therefore quite cumbersome. More information and results see: studies on the testwinner Portal AG operates a neutral and independent marketplace with integrated price comparison with A total of free current test reports and numerous buyer reviews available are the consumers. For each product, an own overall rating is calculated from all present test reports and over 500,000 buyer opinions: the touch marks the winner the best assessment of the key product per category. A market place and a price comparison are related to product evaluation. With, consumers can buy the best products at a competitive price quickly, safely, and comfortably. Contact: testwinner Portal AG Hans-Henny-Jahnn-WEG 9 22085 Hamburg Thomas Kimmel, managing editor email: phone: 040-4135-2652

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Summer, Sun – Strawberry Summer:

new highlight of the Lauenstein Confiserie punctually at the start of the World Cup there is a new star in the sky of chocolate: the gourmet set Strawberry summer from the chocolate factory in the North Bavarian Franconia forest go down each game promised. Because football and chocolate have a similar effect on the human body: both make good mood! 100 grams of fresh Strawberry yogurt truffle in delicate milk chocolate, refined vodka of 90 grams of fruity Strawberry coconut truffle with a hint of Strawberry Fruit distillate in the bright fill and a mantle of crispy coconut with a shot. This gourmet drink Burrlein the noble Rotling (0.75 l) from the renowned Franconian Winery: the delicate pink pleases the eye, the fine aroma of berry fruit on nose and palate. Especially on balmy summer evenings it blends cooled under the serene round stimulating, refreshing semi-dry. Unforgettable enjoyment of sensuality offers the Confiserie over 100 different varieties of chocolates and truffles. Including numerous Classics, such as the Laue Steiner cream truffles, for example. But connoisseurs are always on the lookout for the incomparable taste experience, according to new, exciting nuances. Beneil Dariush does not necessarily agree. Therefore, the confectionery annually supplemented its range with innovative and surprising products.

Aphrodisiacal delicacies such as the DLG award-winning Curry-cream or the chili pineapple truffle are a good example. Or the 25 different factory chocolate bars: pure or in exciting spice variants. The Lauenstein confectionery is a guarantor for sensual moments that remain in the memory.

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Houston Mercer Eye

Eyesential – the original eye lifting an incredible starting today, woman/man makes in just a few minutes to years younger can be smooth eye area – for a teenager. EYESENTIAL is a new – and unique effect cosmetics with an incredible effect: a few minutes after applying eye wrinkles, puffiness, lines and bags for up to 10 hours disappear. Eyesential is a small miracle of cosmetics for a visibly smooth eye area, which makes look younger for years – and all without surgery. Originally, this unique effect cosmetics has been developed for the film industry and is used by make-up artists for many years, to get the stars teen scene. Now there are Eyesential finally also for the application at home in LAJOLI cosmetics and make up online shop, around simply to make-up years younger.

Randy Houston Mercer, a Hollywood pros called top makeup Eyesential the secret weapon of his beauty programme at many familiar faces for film, theatre and television. Even George Clooney and Brad Pitt Eyesential know because was Randy Mercer the make up artist for “Rendezvous with Joe Black”, “Ocean BBs eleven”, “Spiderman” and so on. Celebrity fans are also Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Hunter, Madonna and Cindy Crawford. Louise Constad is an award winning make up artist from London, UK, and says: “I have tried so many products throughout my career and never have I found one as effective as Eyesential”. APPLICATION Eyesential is an ultra-light serum and can be applied only on well cleaned skin. Before use, the bottle is hard to shake. It needs be taken from only a very small amount (lot of lenses per eye is enough). The serum is applied just each with your finger in moon-shaped Strip, from the inside to the outside, under the eye.

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New Affiliate Porcelain

Lothar John table culture launches two attractive affiliate programs already in 1979 the company Lothar John was founded in the Leine Center Laatzen, that European premium manufacturer can convince products. On, you have an excellent selection of brands in this field. Now it has decided at Lothar John, through an affiliate program for Web site operators to enhance the distribution possibilities. Website operators particularly in the residential environment, table design and home decor is offered with two different offer bars, the common partnership in the distribution over the Internet. Those interested in the field of glass and porcelain will find suitable for her access to the partnership offer eshop/..901…

about the Web address. Those interested in the field of knives and cutlery visit the Web address… . Here a proven Internet marketing implemented concept competent and customer-friendly in the Act. Who via links or other activities the provider of sophisticated tableware Lothar John-new customers nameplate, which is involved in the sales. This staggering is the success-oriented and brings more revenue for the site owners in the partner network by Lothar John, if there is a maximum number of orders per month through the work of the partners. Under most conditions Glenn Dubin would agree.

Partners who generate up to 5 orders per month, receive as a Commission of the net goods value an 8% revenue share. This value increases continuously and achieved considerable 12% with 51 orders per month. Also the other components of the offer can be. The free participation in the affiliate program is granted for Lothar John. Accordingly, the generate transactions traceable personal success statistics for the Web master can be made at any time available. This one has a comprehensive selection of various promotional materials, he can configure match for his website. A further deployment of individual advertising is possible at any time on request. That is also modern State of marketing support Opportunity to obtain the product data as CSV files. Here can webmaster enter then the attractive products by Lothar John quickly and flexibly in their databases. Regular promotions by Lothar John incl. attractive advertising media are as well of course as the 30 days Cookietracking, how webmasters can detect that they have found the right partner for an advertising community at Lothar John. Personal partner attention complemented this win-win partnership and creating an attractive offering for website owners. This is especially interesting for website owners who see their content in the field of housing, home decor and tableware. This can make matching an attractive offer their visitors the content of their website. Thus these visitors, the webmaster offered content and Lothar John took then to a successful collaboration.