Breast Cancer Centre

Unique support & care concept in Germany has it is desired. Samira Saidi (35) by female Dusseldorf works with Prof. Dr. med Sherko together. The renowned physician directs Food Center the Senology and breast cancer centre of the clinics. For the founder of the unique support & care concept for cancer-suffering women a milestone: I would like to cooperate with doctors and hospitals. Simona said: “together we can provide a perfect round to treat these women. Especially the women will benefit.” Breast cancer is the most common cancer each year 59,500 women newly develop breast cancer.

The German Cancer aid estimates. The breast cancer among the cancers in women makes up 30 percent. Thus these are females at the top, followed by colorectal cancer and lung cancer. The breast is the symbol of femininity Simona Schmitz wants to help these women. She is a skilled stylist and makeup artist deals with the sensitive topic for five years. While it has noted: The women need a shelter and a network from a single source.” Three dates to determine actual and nominal condition.

With a lot of sensitivity and understanding for each individual customer. Second hair, makeup advice, pointing out alternatives are on the program. Also the mediation of dermatologists, physiotherapists, permanent makeup artists, and more offers female. With doctors and clinics, doctors provide their patients medical cooperation. That is very important”, the Managing Director of female. But the women need personal attention. The feeling continues to feel her womanhood and to live. Here let me help them with my support & care concept.” Detailed advice, help with applications for health insurance, a nice ambiance, especially understanding and human warmth Schmitz stand for Simona in the foreground. Her wish: Help cancer patients with many doctors and clinics together.

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