The first time I did a Predictor I was right thirteen results. It would have been fourteen Yes, a few minutes from the end of the only party in advance to Saturday, Mendiguren had not scored the goal of Athletic Bilbao against Real Madrid tie. I do not know how much money I would have taken in this case, but surely that much. What I do know is the Sunday results them was right all and they paid me more than two hundred thousand pesetas, a veritable fortune. It had filled only two columns, and on Sunday afternoon, when I turned the radio to find out how the day was going, I was not surprised to check that in general my predictions were correct.

It was missing that two teams, I seem to remember that you one first and one second, they lodged two separate goals, and in the few minutes remaining to the end of games marked precisely those two goals, and only those two. Not that surprised me. I had the feeling that the reality was limiting to conform to a prescribed script, and that script was none other than my ticket. Source of the news:: Beginner’s luck

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