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More is achieved in two months being interested in others that in two years, hoping that other people are interested for you Dale Carnegie to not interested in how much you know until they know how much you interested by them. John.C.Maxwell curiosity to inquire, open attitude to listen and provide feedback; a good balance 30/70 or 40/60 to talk about it / listen to the other person. Don’t you look ranks and positions of people, are all very valuable as you’re not your. Your self-esteem and self-worth must be on a high. Always focus and looks at the human side that lies behind each person, the good side that can have it there is always on it, believes the best of the person with whom you’re trying to and doing it well, then you can consider it, treat it and make you feel like the most important human being in the world. Finding common ground that identify us with others in any moment that you decide to engage in a conversation with a person, you’ll realize that there is many experiences that happen on a daily basis and that to share them will notice that you feel identified with something because somehow at some time also something similar you happened. Past experiences are also a good topic to connect.

What we think to do in the future is something that will also allow you to identify yourself, it may not be the same but you also have dreams for more different they are. Explore hobbies, hobbies, activities that are made in the free time. They can be the same places where has lived, it has been, known or would like to know. Discuss work business or activity that is engaged, talk about sports, about children, family, friends in common, school, birthplace, language, country, culture, custom, ideology, experiences which we have set ourselves, and between many things more that can match that another thing is the other person that I can identify with it and be able to treat it as someone known? We find the one percent that we agree and give one hundred percent of our effort John. C. Maxwell all persons We are different, but even in these differences we find land in common finding emotional common ground: on other occasions you might find useful to connect to emotional level, i.e. at the level of feelings remember these three words that always work: feel, sense, first found: trying to feel what q feel, second: recognizing and valuing those feelings and identify with what your have also felt in a parecidTercero situation: express what you’ve found when you spend the same.

Maintain present and practicing these principles from now on, you will allow you to:-Connect easily with anyone even when you initially think there is nothing in common. -You feel comfortable confident, relaxed, calm in any situation q touch you know or deal with people strange and even improve your relationships with the people you already know if you are and you behave as a genuinely friendly person. Would many people you know, also be very useful this article?. Not you hesitate to share it. From today forward, going to focus on the differences or the similarities?

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