The school is being ' ' convidada' ' to assume the main role indirectly: To lead the sexual education, not only of its pupils, but, of whom they will be involved in the context where it is inserted: ' ' comunidade' '. The majority of the parents, mainly, the public net, still needs to be helped to understand in fact what it is the sexuality and as to deal with it. According to Osrio (1996. p.120), ' ' One notices then the necessity of if educating and mainly to sensetize the form young that they live this freedom with maturity. Weiss (apud BOSSA, 1994.p.65), affirms ' ' it is necessary to demystify the poverty, of the antropolgico and sociological point of view, next to the educators, a time that the beginning of the precocious sexual life occurs much more in this social band (poor). ' ' , It is pertinent to psicopedagogo to mediate, and to intermediate half for the prevention and the resolution of the problematic ones. In accordance with the PCN? s? schools that they had had good results with the implantation of the sexual education tell resulted, as increase of the pertaining to school income, which had to the relief of tensions and concern with questions of the sexuality and increase of solidarity and the respect between the pupils. For lesser children they after all tell that correct information help to diminish the anguish and agitation in classroom (BRAZIL, 199, p.122) (…) and who is, the responsible ones For a sexual education that clearly allows a conscientious vision of the sexuality (…) that they are first and main responsible they are the parents (…) and who is the adults who, at least in thesis, would have to enter into an alliance it the parents stop in this difficult task to educate? The professors, clearly! (SAYO, 1997, p.125) the inclusion of the sexual education in the pertaining to school resume is a quarrel question the much time, and is known by the thematic denomination, tied with the calls Programs of Health a excrescncia of pedagogia of the hygiene of passed decades, that appeared with the reform of the education of years 70. .

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