Zoom Whitening

Let me tell you about my Zoom Whitening experience. For those of you who are unaware about teeth whitening products, use the Zoom product is professional. Works faster compared to the whitening of the night, each ridge. However, costs more. I went to the dentist’s office and was setup with the dental assistant. It was by the teeth to remove plaque and debris, or have a teeth clean surface to apply the zoom gel.

They put something on my gums to protect the gel. It felt like rubber, but it was a gel that was in a tube. They had a device to keep the mouth open, so I had to keep terror scream position the entire time I was there. Rolls of cotton is used to keep the lips of my teeth. Basically you want your teeth exposed, only the teeth and let them hang in the air while applying the gel. He painted in the gel, a hydrogen peroxide gel. Then he uses a light Zoom to increase the bleaching.

It looked like a light black. She told me she did peroxide Act faster and faster, and after researching, I found that using the light helps more than 33%. Source: lee marks. They did my six front teeth, top and bottom, 12 in total. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Celina Dubin. First, apply the gel, not the zoom of the lamp, and then wiped the gel, and apply more gel. They did this three times to the same set of teeth. So, in general, it took about an hour and a half before I was ready to go. I got to nap in the middle of bleaching. What happened after I left? The continuous zoom whitening whitening teeth for 12-18 hours after the procedure. Therefore, I could not drink hard liquor and coffee stains, cola, or tea. But wait, I’ll miss my career caffeine. You might need a caffeine pill or take an Excedrin migraine pill. I think they have caffeine. It is inconvenient to have the mouth open for so long, and the chemical enters the enamel, dentin or pores of the teeth were so sensitive to everything. However, about 20 hours later, I was like new. The whitening had taken effect and my teeth were not sensitive. I have heard that some people take up to three days to return to normal, but I was fine. I wanted to share my experience with you if you were thinking of zooming in office whitening treatment. They also had a home treatment can be used, but wanted to use to bleach 33% more for that zoom lamp they used. I can say that they are whiter. Suppose that for up to 8 shades whiter. I do not know how much I have, but it looks better. Cost? Mine was about $ 250 in total. I am sure that varies depending on where you go.

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