Vliyaenie Geometric Shapes

The secret to a flawless look in any clothing is a cut in her. But the beautifully modeled dress – it does not guarantee that you in this dress will also be flawless. The key to harmony between you and the dress lies in the geometry of the lines. Line of clothing you wear should repeat the lines of your figure. Only in this case can be fully confident in the correctness of the choice made. The Russian type of shape Modern Russians have changed considerably with since the beginning of in our country.

Promotion of sports lifestyle and difficult situation in the economy have yielded results. While the American nation fullness, Russians are becoming slimmer and slimmer. From accelerated pace of life, defaults, high cost products or sporting lifestyle Russians were simply melt away before our eyes. Previously, the average female size in Russia was 48, today it is – sizes 44-46. Country geographically located between the East and West and this is reflected in various aspects of our lives. If other countries dominated by only one stridently expressed the type of female figures, such as French, Italian, German, American or East, in Russia, they at least twice. In our country, mostly women have German or Italian types of shapes.

Less common are the owners of oriental type. The French figure – it's always a slender waist, delineated rounded feminine form. In geometry, for this type of shape was not found, so the name she was given on the subject, which it most resembles, "hourglass".

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