Weight Gain

The famed film director and actor Kevin Smith, best known for the character silent Bob, has become the latest victim of the tax list by obesity. He was asked to leave a flight from Southwest Airlines, being already on the plane, due to its diameter. Immediately after his expulsion from the flight to California, he began an attack on the company via its Twitter account that is no small thing, taking into account the large number of followers of Smith. The incident has thrown new light on the growing debate about whether airlines have reason to talk to pay extra to passengers with tax for obesity. Is it discrimination, or just a good and old economic measure? Since discussions on the legality of the weight discrimination, until the economic analysis of the growing threat to aviation security that represents our constant increase in size, one thing is certain: many people are indignant of that may be penalized by being overweight. 76% Support rate of obese 76% of people believe that airlines should charge taxes of obese, according to the latest survey of a popular search engine for cheap flights. But the issue here is more complex.

According to the National Association to advance fat acceptance (NAAFA naafa.org), there is the mistaken belief that the stigma and shame will motivate to diet and other weight loss attempts, and that people can not lose weight because of their low self-discipline and willpower. They say that fat tax is not only unjust, but that also is not going to solve the problem. The NAAFA speaks Clarodespues incident of Southwest, the NAAFA appeared to support Smith, who condemns the airline for its discriminatory policies. The Association, which has been defending the rights of fat people since 1969, made an appeal to boycott the airline. After the outrage, Southwest Airlines He apologized to Smith, but he defended his policy of weight, saying that it has been in force for 25 years, and is not intended as an extra source of income.

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