Losing Weight

How to lose weight during slow metabolism? Dieting with a minimal effect or even without it discouraged anyone. You start to blame their inability to lose weight weak will, and along with unprofessional Compilers of any diets. In reality, this may be to blame so called metabolic syndrome, ie a slow metabolism. There are many factors which in their combination lead to a slowdown metabolism. For slow metabolism your body more calories than usual, not metabolized, and deposited as fat reserves. Unfortunately, to determine whether you have slowed down your metabolism or not, is difficult. Since the rate of metabolism affects so many factors, and conduct direct tests does not seem likely.

Nevertheless, in some cases may be suspected of metabolic syndrome, if the aggregate Some factors you are at risk. Among women, slowing metabolism is quite common, probably because of the influence of certain hormones. To determine whether you have slowed down your metabolism or not, you should do some simple tests, including blood tests. At the risk of metabolic syndrome consists of men and women who have: Waist greater than 85 cm in women and 100 cm in men blood pressure above 130/85 mm Hg. Art. Blood sugar Fasting more than 6.1 mmol / l increase blood triglyceride levels over 1.7 mmol / l. Reduced hdl <1 mmol / L in men and less than 1.3 mmol / l in women It is worth to consult and an endocrinologist. Approximately one in five women in middle age suffer lower thyroid function, with many of this and do not suspect.

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