Are not surprised when the young people and even children drop dead during exercise. And what else would expect if the cry of the soul of Russian scientists that About 40% of newborns have no prospects of patients, and remained a voice crying in the wilderness. According to Tony Mandarich, who has experience with these questions. Each specialist, occupying key positions in the hierarchy of medicine and guidelines in the government expects a roasted rooster. and instantly when his own sky . Russian scientists have claimed that such morbidity rates, will soon have no one to recruit in any army nor police. The question is not only physical unsuitability as in mental. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as patrick smith by clicking through.

A woman doctor claimed that it was toxoplasmosis is the culprit that shows a tendency toward alcoholism, drug abuse, violation of law. Under the influence Toxoplasma strays center self-assessment of reality and, therefore, such people often fall into all sorts of troubles, car accident, etc. The most recent data among motorists caught in a car accident, injured Toxoplasma is detected twice. And with this it is impossible not to agree.

In his books as an example to teenagers, I also touched on the issue, but the highlight in more detail is not resolved. British scientists in the experiment showed that exposure to Toxoplasma rats cease to be afraid of cats – their traditional enemies, because lost, even self-preservation instinct. I think someone does not make sense either – to persuade people to aberrant self-centered and reality may stay and are at greater decision-making positions and in senior positions, where as a result of the unpredictability can make mischief for the whole generation.

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