To Avoid Paying Twice

In the current economic environment, construction firms are often forced to reduce staff, and the need to resort to wage labor. The search team is hired by the principle of maximum monetary savings. Typically, the choice falls on the team from Southern countries. Later, of course not always, but there is about the painting, the example with which we have encountered in their practice. For the construction of the building of light metal structures needed to fill the bags and set the foundation under the column for this team was hired by the brothers Southerners, with assurances from their party in their own professionalism and wide experience work. The foundation was poured. But as they say, but several.

As a result, was hired by another team, this time with the brothers of the Belarusians, ie We, too, in order to save, but it forced. Errors with difficulty, but have been corrected. Remodel is always more difficult than doing. The customer was pleased with the work, but not happy with their own costs, because of the money and a significant portion of the nerves have been spent on the first team and had to pay according to arrangements to us, and all for one kind of work. Further still had installation of metal frame, installation of wall panels and roof. Three people who finish basements, seven new undertook this work. For comparison, construction of this building before we planned to use two teams of eight people.

The building was constructed in the schedule, without incident at the site, with no claims from the customer, with all the rules and regulations passed all tests and was put into operation. Of course, all individually, there are excellent highly professional team of Uzbeks, Tajiks, Moldovans, etc. But, choosing between price and quality but, unfortunately, in times of crisis, and not only have to make that choice. Choose must be careful not to pay twice.

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