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All construction companies need high-quality construction equipment. Also, many companies require cars to carry many heavy loads. One of the manufacturers, who won the trust and respect a group of companies 'Kamaz'. It manufactures mobile cranes that are used in construction, Car hauler, which do a good job with the evacuation of passenger cars. Also in the list of the manufactured equipment includes machines designed for cargo, vehicles to transport liquid cargo, tractors and dump trucks. With the assembly line goes not only special but also passenger cars. So, for all time his work was produced more than two hundred thousand mikrolitrazhek 'Oka', and currently produces even buses. The first cars Kamaz appeared in the middle of the seventies of last century, and the construction of a plant called Kamsky (Located in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan), began in late 1969.

It all started when the country became a country in need of trucks. The main goal was to create a vehicle that could in any weather and the road to perform its functions. In this case, it must be pretty powerful at the same time comfortable and have a good load capacity. At the moment, a group of companies 'Kamaz' included in the list of important companies in the country that does not surprising, because its cars are operated not only in all cities in Russia, but also in the CIS, as well as in foreign countries, which suggests that they really gained popularity in many large companies and concerns. For all time the existence of the factory he managed to produce about two million cars.

And it is not considering the fact that the company has also produced two and a half million engines. The group of companies includes 92 more children enterprise. Also note that the corporation Kamaz is a leader in the world in production of trucks and diesel engines. Having collected all these facts together, we can confidently say that that domestic producers do not trust.

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