The Rain

One has gotten wet Nothing more than one day rainy. In the time of the winter this is normal. Much rain the entire day. Without truce not even for the sun, which perishes nor to exist. With as much rain thus, it remains little thing to make or, if to prefer, much thing. Even because, rain the time all can make possible many things. Those of always, as: to read, to write, to see film, to listen to music, to pray Something that cannot leave of speech: to sleep. Yes to sleep it seems to be sinnimo of much rain.

But that such to make something total different! Already it thought? While it also rains is good ‘ ‘ molhar’ ‘. Clearly if this will be for a good cause: to take care of exactly of cows or itself! In the period of rain the cows are all wet. But the curious one exactly is that they do not look a shelter to hide themselves as a great shrub to be been of low. They like rain exactly! However, as an afterthought, they also like it sun. They are grazing and walking of a side to the other.

The year-old calves reveal bothered with rain. They look for to take refuge themselves between the cattle biggest. All are placed of head low waiting rain to pass. But when hard rain the entire day? The same skill is if to shrink and to walk well to devagar. In way as much rain still if can listen to the birds singing. They put in the chest what she is feeling with untied rain and to air its feeling: they sing and they sing. Who good! To hear cantoria of the passaradas ones while rain falls. This seems well deferential of other usual peripcias. Even though if can hear nugget d water that caiem of the roof.

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