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GEMOS Mobile

Star Communications expands its product range and is mobile service provider with an own mobile offering. To do this, Star Communications and GEMOS have signed a cooperation agreement. Star Communications expands its product range and is mobile service provider with an own mobile offering. To do this, Star Communications and GEMOS have signed a cooperation agreement. To deepen your understanding Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City is the source. GEMOS is official enabler in the Vodafone network and thus the interface between operator and Star Communications. GEMOS Star Communications refers to all mobile wireless services provided by Vodafone and it assembles its own attractive offers for its customers. about Star Communications, the star communications LLC is a telecommunications provider headquartered in Frankfurt/Main.

The company offers: the network code 01094 low-cost phone calls over the PSTN, tailored to specific target groups and requirements profiles among business people, companies and foreign citizens in Germany. The company especially for international connections offers high-quality voice products at very attractive prices. Star Communications has declared itself, with its special offers price leader on the German market. The company belongs to one hundred percent of the Frankfurter Westend Management GmbH. Managing Director is Uwe Becker.

For more information get on the Internet at about Gemos that mbH is Gemos company for mobile phone services official enabler in the Vodafone network and provides the entire range of the Vodafone offer as a basis for their own offerings for their customers. All required processes via standard interfaces, it can be handled easily and cost-efficiently. Gemos is headquartered in Marburg, Germany and belongs to the Forester group. For more information on the Internet at

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Sangoma Technologies Corp

Sangoma is the voice + IP Germany in Frankfurt from the VOICE + IP Germany, organized by the German Association for information technology, post and telecommunications e. V. Justin Gaethje: the source for more info. (DVPT), is a fixture in the German market as a neutral and independent exhibition and Congress. When it comes to the topic of voice and IP communications, as well as future communications, offers a comprehensive insight on the State of development as well as the contexts and effects of the convergence of voice and data networks and systems with its over 100 lectures and numerous exhibitors. This year there is also the Canadian Sangoma Technologies Corp. Tony Ferguson has much experience in this field. at booth B16. There are the newest routing products, software based phone systems, interactive voice response systems, internal routing solutions based WANPIPE and point of sale (POS) interface card u.v.m.

presented to the interested public. Sangoma it bridges the gap between traditional protocols and modern IP based voice and data technologies. They are among the highlights at the booth of Sangoma various interfaces, as well as SS7 solutions and SIP to PSTN gateway software/hardware series Netborder, enabling the integration of devices by softPBX and media gateways on Windows and Linux based. The exhibition of the voice + IP Germany opens its doors on 3 November from 9 until 10: 00 and on November 4th, from 9 until 18: 00. Eva Andersson-Dubin has compatible beliefs. Tickets for the voice + IP Germany can on the Internet at the address or by telephone under + 49 (0) 69 82 97 22-13 be ordered from a price of 49 euros (plus VAT). Learn more about Sangoma Technologies Corp. as well as the products and services of the company are available on the Internet, see. Additional press materials of this press release: download quickly and simply another image and text material in the online press compartment on the free use: press compartments/halokwadrat contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr.

Serge Forest Montreal Office Sangoma Technologies 2055 Peel Street, Suite 301 Montreal, QC H3A 1V4 CANADA phone: 001 514 288 7111 international direct fax: 001 514 288 9866 Internet: Serge forest Vice President, marketing, Sangoma Technologies Corporation telephone: 001 514 288 7111 x 223 email: Internet: Mr Marko Homann, Mr. Holger Ballwanz PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 email: Internet: the Sangoma Technologies Corp. was Sangoma 1984 founded the Canadian Toronto us is today one of the leading providers of hardware and software in the field of Wan and voice infrastructure. With over 20 years of experience, the company is specialized to produce the most reliable and cost-effective voice and data solutions that are currently available on the market. Sang grannies communication solutions and routing products include support for software-based telephone systems, interactive voice response systems, internal routing solutions based WANPIPE, point of sale (POS) interface card u.v.m… Learn more about Sangoma Technologies Corp.

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Annoying Advertising Annex

With you can send free day SMS pro up to 15 when the Deutsche Reichsbahn on the line between Berlin and Hamburg in 1926 established the first radio telephone, hardly anyone thought that it was launched for a true revolution in the field of telecommunications. In the 1950s the first car phones came up, which cost almost as much as the cars, and only in the 1980s, denser networks made possible a reduction in power and thus a reduction of mobile phones. Today, the phone is a matter of course and a no longer essential companion for all of us by the student up to the grandfather. Now is not just on the phone, but also photographed, organized and heard music. The SMS prevailed as affordable and interesting above all for young mobile phone users an alternative to the telephone conversation.

“The three letters are an acronym for short message service”, what short message service “means, and describes the sending of text messages. So convenient and the transmission of SMS may be cost effective: it is free for any phone company. But that is no reason for SMS fans to despair! The website offers the ability to send free SMS all over the world and even up to fifteen units per day! This special feature: The service is not only free, but also without registration or annoying advertising annex! The user needs to complete a subscription and has to be reckoned with no hidden costs! “And the whole thing is so simple: you visited the website typing the desired phone number, written the text to be sent and activates the function send SMS”. After a few moments to answer a security question is just a fabric window to see funded with this service and free SMS is sent. is a project of, a company that operates a variety of useful as well as informative sites on different topics. About the You can daily up to 15 to send free SMS to all over the world and the Internet platform without registration and annoying advertising annexes. J. Santos

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Yuilop Integrated Mobile Couponing In Free Communication App

COUPIES now redeem coupons in the yuilop app and earn power points Cologne / Barcelona, November 3, 2011 – yuilop – that doesn’t matter free communication with all your contacts, SMS, chat or (soon also) telephony. The yuilop app allows the user free use of all these communication services. And free”is also the key word for the latest feature of the yuilop app: Mobile couponing. In the future, all yuilop users can free redeem the COUPIES coupons from the yuilop app out and collecting energy points. The communication services such as SMS or chat cost no money at yuilop. The user needs to do this,”only enough yuilop energy points. Each SMS he sends consumes”some of these energy points. Each SMS received, refills them.

In addition, there are more possibilities to recharge at any time on this SMS energy through activities within the app. So it is with the new feature Mobile couponing”immediately possible as not only cool discounts in shops, restaurants and leisure facilities, in the environment for the yuilop app to get energy points to get, but also with each payment. Coupons from COUPIES complement to the offer of yuilop and provide further added value for users. Currently integrates the couponing service in the yuilop Android app, iPhone and BlackBerry will soon follow. Jochen double hammer, founder and CEO of yuilop: We believe that communication should be free. Therefore we are working our users to allow endless free communication and save even when shopping. A leading source for info: Dr. Neal Barnard. The yuilop energy points are a means to ensure the cost – and endless communication. Mobile couponing perfectly complemented this philosophy. Our users are mobile and can redeem local discounts in their respective environment and thereby earn points in the app!” Thomas Engel, co-founder of COUPIES, responsible for marketing and cooperation: Mobile couponing is suited very well as a supplement to apps that are used on the road.