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In sports mode gearbox works for 0.2 seconds. (In normal mode – in just 0.4 sec.), With This car responds quickly and sharply to the team. The first impression does not promise something special, a car normally responds to all commands. Somewhere it may even discourage you. The machine is operated simply, without emotion and excessive fussiness. The same is true of models with automatic transmission. The steering system is clear and straightforward, without any interactive "zest" as, for example, in a Ferrari. Press the gas and you instantly back to the presses seat.

Under the noise of the roaring engine car in 4 seconds gaining 60 miles per hour, quarter-mile in 12.4 seconds overcome and can reach 182 miles per hour. The steering seems 'lifeless', but straightforward and clearly runs the command driver. Such steering is well-proven in trials of trucks Fiat. 275 mm wide tires allow the car to take turns without bias. Ventilated disc brakes with special clearance holes increase the power brake system, through which the car quickly and smoothly overcome winding sections and sharp turns.

Click on the pedal and you'll see the difference between very nice and just good cars. At high speeds, the model has excellent 8C stocky, tough course and smooth running. The shorter wheelbase and weight distribution of 49:51 good, thanks to the rear bridge leading to the block with gearbox (like the Maserati), contribute to high agility. "Genes" Maserati largely 'guilty' in that model 8S much sharper and more responsive to commands than the Quattroporte or slow GranTurismo. On close acquaintance through travel curbs on the roads, strong kicks, the punches and the load on the steering system, as well as the dynamic fluidity that distinguishes the 911 GT3 and F430, are absent in the model 8C. But for front-wheel sports cars, this model has excellent maneuverability and stability. The car is characterized by stiffness – (a different and not expected!) – And the noise of the wheels while driving. But the noise of the engine at high rpm noise drowns out the wheels. To get behind the wheel of this car, and this is the whole Ferrari, you have some driving experience. No one car in the world with a V12 engine to not be better than C8. In the world there are so many fast cars, tough management which cost drivers is easier than in a model of C8. And if we add to this excellent case design – a striking steel sculpture! – Then there can not help envy Alpha. Alpha aims to re-introduce Americans to one of the fastest growing and progressive brands in Europe. And if the 8C will be launched with significant support Maserati and Ferrari, then probably will not complain at that!

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"Write" – saying "the citizens of the rejection of consideration of an accident. There were no casualties, the driver has not violated the rules – there is nothing to parse. Material damage may go. discuss in the hallway. "Pedestrian signed my all – my hands. I say – I'm not sign nifiga I will – drive the dough! How long will briefly – he paid me a hard-won 4000 rubles a – and on the left. A DPSy say – much to you, boy, lucky. No one else on their minds because he does not pay voluntarily – and the damage is serious, for example, cyclists.

I went there not knowing – to rejoice me, or did grieve. Slowly unscrewed the wires hanging from the mirror. In the meantime, thought sketched himself – and you, dear readers – an action plan, a guide of its kind – for case of such troubles. Here it is: Instructions: If you ran out of proper place under the wheels of a pedestrian – and he more or less safe and not harm – of your actions should be as follows: 1. Execute everything, that when an accident (emergency lights, sign, witnesses) 2. Inspect your "foundling", make sure that the living, and he agrees that he is guilty. 3.

Discuss your injury compensation on the spot – even if you do not know exactly what the damage is still "divorce." There is no money with him, let writes a receipt – but let no indication that the damage caused as a result of an accident – let him write what you need money. 4. ALWAYS call the DPS (but, after settlement) – Fixed a fact that they crash. Bumazeyka that "foundling" to you your claims do not have – does not roll at all. It is very easy it can be challenged in court (say, he had a shock – that's written – and then as time passed so = all sick – to the last wisdom tooth). 5. Well, after that – all under the scheme …. DPS, the court (at necessary) and reclaim the money. If your "foundling" takes away soon (God forbid) – about the damages can be forgotten. PS calmed down, I thought … sorry for the mirror, and a rack sorry … But if this pedestrian hit me under the wheel, or generally under the car (in the sense – at the bottom) – it was used much worse. So all's well that good.