Structural Insulated Panel Association

Amount of formaldehyde emitted by the OSB, which are used in SIP is less than 0,1 ppm (parts per million). This is much lower allowed the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) level (Structural Insulated Panel Association – SIPA). The attitude of Americans and Canadians, to environmental cleanliness of all that surrounds them, very anxious. Picky and demanding American and European consumers are seriously preoccupied by environmental issues long before the Russians knew the word "ecology". A SIP from abroad even build hospitals, child care, etc. In Russia, the rules Security experts versed only. Few will be able to explain, which means the class E1 or E2 with respect to the level of formaldehyde emission.

Formaldehyde is found in many natural objects, including wood. Plates OSB, appropriate level of E1, emit free formaldehyde little more than solid wood. Compliance with European E1 (Russia is less strict) makes all sorts of concerns about harm to health to be groundless. Safe for health in Europe and is considered a class E2 allowing twice as much formaldehyde emission than the E1. By the way, sometimes assigned to class E1 materials that do not contain formaldehyde in principle. If you care about your health, carefully look for these bukovki packaging decoration materials and furniture. Overstrength Canadian home we discussed above.

One caveat. It was the strength of the Canadian home as a design. In this he has no equal. But during the war to defend better still in a brick house: thick stone walls protect from bullets and shrapnel.

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