Scutellum Chameleon Welding

Chameleon flap – a new word in the welding business. This type of welding masks is a wonderful combination of the best qualities of traditional masks and the latest developments in the field of optics. How does an automatic filter? The standard filter has a constant degree of darkening of the value of 1 to 6, the higher it is, the darker the filter, and hence the capacity of the world below. That is, when welding is necessary to accurately select the most appropriate value for this type of work: if you take the degree of darkening is less – it does not protect, you may receive eye injuries, if you take a higher degree of shade – will not be visible welding seam and is likely to fail or be defective. In the case of an automatic filter it differently – it darkens instantly when the ignition light, and when it is fading, it becomes transparent. And it automatically detect light intensity and obscured in accordance with it, which makes the work more quickly and, moreover, more secure. Many scares cost auto mask, but at a high intensity of work, by increasing productivity, it pays for itself pretty quickly.

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