What is cavitation? Cavitation is called bubble formation which originates the Sonic vibration. These bubbles may be stable, grow or collapse (implosion), thereby exerting a mechanical action on adipose tissue destroying form non-invasive and painless. Cavitation occurs at 40 Khz ultrasonic and importantly performed it with calibrated equipment that ensure that frequency. It is equally important to jointly to cavitation occur Electroporation, which increases the effects of the treatment what is Electroporation? Electroporation consists in the use of medium frequency currents for opening transient pores in the outer layer of the skin and in the cell membrane, which facilitates the penetration of the assets of the used cosmetic, and increases the effectiveness of treatment. It is a very effective alternative to Mesotherapy with needles. What effects does it produce? The combined action of ultrasounds, Electroporation, and active gel acts in remodeling body giving rise to an important loss of perimeter, acting not only on adiposity but also on cellulite and sagging skin. Long a session? It depends on the area to be treated, but they generally tend to be 40 minutes of cavitation, combined with Electroporation plus 25 minutes of preassure therapy and 10 minutes of vibrating platform how many sessions are necessary? Depends on the importance, severity and extent of the problem but they generally tend to perform approximately 10 sessions with a frequency of one session per week is the treatment safe? Yes, it is always safe and when the treatment guidelines are followed and took into account relevant contraindications the combination of ultrasound with Electroporation is a way to non-invasive and painless to reduce the thickness of the adipose panniculus which does not represent any risk for the / the patient provided that it is used according to the guidelines, indications and contraindications for should be any further processing before or after? After a session is always necessary with pressotherapy lymphatic drainage, also during the treatment it is necessary to drink at least 1.5 litres of water daily to help eliminate the Agency destroyed fat. As in any body contouring treatment, control of the intake and the outlet of liquids is always advisable.

Similarly, once achieved the result is important to establish a maintenance program. How much time must elapse between a session to another? Typically, perform a weekly session, although in some cases two per week, especially when short sessions are performed can be is the treatment painful? It is not painful. It is usual feel a comfortable tingling that corresponds to the intensity of flows of Electroporation, although this feeling varies both between people and between treatment zones. In addition to this tingling is normal to feel a slight buzzing in the ear when it is in operation the cavitation does contraindications exist in the treatment of? cavitation? As in any technique, there are situations that contraindicate the use of ultrasound, such as the presence of injury or other pathologies in the area to be treated, metal prosthesis, skin sensitivity, alterations of coagulation of the blood as well as varicose veins and thrombophlebitis. These contraindications are those corresponding to the use of currents, such as pacemakers, Center recommended in Madrid Laser Natura Chueca C/San Bartolome 12. 915230796 Madrid.

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