Barrier-free housing – independent living modern, barrierefeie, generationen – and disabled Setup ideas for people with special needs. Self-determined living within your own four walls and not dependent on external assistance, many people want to. The accessibility of the living space is often associated with major renovation and reconstruction. However, simple and low-cost measures can help significantly to improve the comfort and to suit the personal needs. As of now, there is a unique company that specializes in the integral facility consulting, innovative design and barrier-free interior construction-complete equipment with Pro handicap furniture & interior design. Furniture & room design promotes a handicap in partnership with renowned companies such as for example, Gerhard de Witt, Rehatronik, Ascendor and Granberg self-determined housing with increased quality of life, in the special for people with handicap and disability. Modern, wheelchair-accessible, barrier-free and generationen – solutions by the installation expert are often cheaper than generally assumed”!

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