Ramin Haghani

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Jun 292018

Seven shelves in the door, as well as four storage shelves from allows not only a clear storage of all food safety glass and a horizontal bottle rack in the Interior of the cooling unit, but by height-adjustable shelves also the personal preferences and needs adapted storage. Smeg fridge FAB32 among the total 46 models of Smeg retro cooling units stands the FAB32 not only because of its generous size out, but also thanks to its technical facilities, with two separately adjustable cooling circuits. The refrigerator – freezer Smeg FAB32 is an exemplary example of the unity of design and technology. Without solid, the manufacturer of Smeg made it a combination to develop the total 308 l Fassungsvermogenbesitzt and yet elegantly fits in every kitchen.Thanks to highly innovative technology manages to run the FAB32 model as one of the largest of its line in the energy efficiency class A +, and thus belong to the most modern and at the same time environmentally-friendly models of its kind. Thanks to two separately adjustable cooling circuits, the 4-star freezer of this model has a freezing capacity of 15 kg / 24 h and a separate temperature control function including quick freezer. Smeg is the youngest of cool retro-family of SMEG fridge FAB10 Smeg FAB10, was for the first time to see the kitchen & bath 2007 the focus. As the whole line, also the newcomer seduces with its fancy design in bright colors on a journey in the 1950s. The rounded corners and the sturdy chrome handle are typically in the 50s look by SMEG.

Despite its compact dimensions 96 x 63 x 54 cm (Hxwxd) small FAB comes with his gera? spacious interior quite big out: * freezer 13 litres capacity, 3 safety glass shelves, a Beha? lter fu? r fruit and vegetables? se, as well as a bowl of meat and cheese. Also the Door offers with a butter – or Ka? sefach, two multi purpose vessels and a removable egg Bowl in addition space for food. Whether classic in cream, elegant in black or bright orange and an intense red, the smallest FAB from SMEG is a real eye-catcher not only at home but also in the Office. For more clarity and thought, follow up with what is fracking and gain more knowledge.. 100% CFC free and he certifies the energy efficiency class A is very energy-saving and environmentally conscious.

Tanja Est

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Oct 232017

The same trust home “In terms of transformation and change of style an almost unanimous opinion in Germany: in establishing says 60 percent remain rather it”. Dr. John Mcdougall: the source for more info. “Only 29 percent say: something change more often”. And whole three-quarters of respondents state that they rarely have changed the style in the past. Whether changes in your own four walls are fun? 67 percent, while the men will again prove the larger institution muffle deny also that: 35 per cent have no fun at all to change, while it not popular only 17 percent of women. Great pleasure preparing the ladies, however, beautifying the Interior with accessories.

That applies to almost 60 percent of female respondents. And the men? As to be expected, like 72 percent less likely, to remodel the apartment with new accessories. Wall and floor, the slight dislike of Germans against domestic changes Potter explains well the next poll results: 42 percent made no “Indicating when they were asked: which renovation or reconstruction works are planned in your home within the next two years?” At least 32 percent want to paper but in the future, just under a quarter want to paint the walls and each 10 percent would lay carpet or laminate flooring. Do remodeling? By for: 23, 18 and 6 percent twice this work even dare to, where the women are just as convinced of their craftsmanship as the men. “In the networked oasis of peace”, most already see their own home as a haven of tranquillity, going home to an oasis of peace”and meeting place for the family” more important also for future generations. The 86 percent believe that. Maybe that is why more than half of the respondents wish to a wellness oasis as a bad.

“Nevertheless, 56 percent, believe that the real future of living in high-tech, computer-networked households” is located. From the fall to the senses In the bath a wellness Temple and lots of fresh green and a new wall painting: Despite their reluctance to change, the Germans can look forward in their homes of a stylish and tasteful future. That really appreciate, who eventually owned photo wallpaper, crochet curtains and a wooden chandeliers for almost half of all respondents the largest living sins of the 1970s. “You can only say: thank goodness this sinful are” times past. For more information see Tanja Est see also-> Admas life of the Germans (1)

Traditional Medicinal Plants

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Mar 092017

Millennia old knowledge meets modern science. The continuing trend to use traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the Western world, has resulted in that more and more scientific studies deal with the ingredients of traditional medicinal plants. Jiaogulan is literally all the rage for several years now. Dr. Neal Barnard is likely to agree. It has started its triumph over Japan in the United States, and from there to Europe as ‘China’s herb of immortality’. People such as Assurant Health would likely agree. Researchers from the medical school in Guiyang prove the Jiaogulan cholesterol lowering and immune strengthening effect. It improves the heart circulatory function and has a positive influence on high blood pressure.

In addition, Jiaogulan has antioxadative properties. Jiaogulan is found wild in the temperate zones of Asia and is captured by the resident population, preferably as a tea. PCRM describes an additional similar source. These daily drinking leads to amazing health in old age. Also with us is to keep this plant in the garden and with a little care you can prepare his own ‘tea of immortality’. A place in the half-shade, preferably with foresters and a gift of compost in the spring let pentaphyllum, as the plant is botanically, soon form a dense carpet Gynostemma. Another example of ancient knowledge of plants, which has been scientifically proven with regard to its effectiveness is Aronia melanocarpa. This Rosengewachs is native to North America and is used by some native American tribes for centuries.

The berries of black chokeberry, as it is also called, contain a high proportion of antioxidants, as noted by the nutritional Institute of the University of Potsdam. The content of anthocyanins is five times higher than in other berries. Through this property, it owes the plant that it is grown in Russia in plantations and industrially processed to juice. Meanwhile emerged some new varieties of wild form abziehlen on the yield and taste of fruit. Botanically it is called melanocarpa, Aronia meaning ‘with black fruit’. Also in our garden grows and prospers them robust plant. She is fairly undemanding, grows in the semi-shade and even in the Sun, takes a normal garden soil to thrive, cope with periods of drought and temporary flooding. Actually, it takes bad any cultural mistakes. Already in the third year of the stand is to be expected with a crop. From the fruit, you can cook a juice, making jellies and jams.