Nietzsche Health

It is not simple but the decision is crucial and includes to discover what it pleases to it and to remain open to the new discoveries and interests, what it of course goes happening a time that o' ' to be ' ' either the choice! It has who it says that to filosofar the favorable cold either, disagrees, as well as with the preconception of that the German language either to this essential activity, to think is of the man, of all to that he is unsatisfied and it has courage, to dare to undertake a dangerous and solitary close trip a time that all thought is uncommon and singular, has approaches of vises of world, of the realities but we deceive ourselves when we unfasten energy searching to equal itself, to supervalue other perspectives that not proper, this occurs frequently with unsafe people and these are for not having the auto one knowledge necessary to take the great decision above-mentioned. To enjoy of health, peace and happiness, contentment, joy, will of power in Nietzsche, are necessary to know these ways previously, that is the peace, the health the joy is the ways. From good meeting, joys-well – to be, we construimos health tracks joys and peace, not necessarily in this order. We are predestinate beings the repetition, therefore souvenirs, memories of glad moments foment the desire and, we go in search of experiences to return to the satisfaction states. Therefore it is indispensable to change saddened, restrained, resented standards, to leave the conceptual traps and to enter in contact with activities and people who bring pleasant experiences, although the fear of the happiness that each one loads in itself, due mainly to the guilt feeling (unconscious). Each person is free to choose and starts to choose from the experiences, to have them it is necessary to breach preconceptions and to leave them she is necessary to admit how much it does not know on the existence of these (humildade) and its influences in the decisions, pseudo choices, repetitions of sad standards, auto sabotages, recriminations, you blame, ressentimentos.

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