Krav Maga – The Art Of Self Defense

Krav Maga – the art of self-defense Krav Maga-Israeli system of self-defense and martial arts. This is not martial arts and martial arts. It is a tool for solving problems in various emergency situations. Tested on the battlefield and in the street clashes, the staff weapon of many special units around the world, Krav Maga can rightly be considered the best system of self-defense and martial arts today. She was born as system of unarmed combat the Israeli army and security services. Its founder, Imi Lichtenfeld joined her in the art of boxing, karate and jiu-jitsu, to facilitate all the tricks and subordinating them to the general tactical principles.

It is a tool want to learn how to apply. At the core are simple and clear principles. The first and fundamental principle, which actually ensures the effectiveness of Krav Maga – is simplicity. All techniques are simple and like a hammer on the complexity of applications are not very different from nailing. No tricky jumps crotchets or unnatural inflections, all focused on the fact that students coming out of the room was able to apply techniques studied in the same day. The second principle – it's effectiveness.

It derives from the first, but also includes another aspect, the psychological. It is important to understand that street – it does not ring: there is no bell, no judges, no rules, so you must act firmly and effectively, to get the initial advantage. Third – aggressiveness. In extreme situations, an untrained person is very often a stupor caused by the psychological pressure, or the suddenness of the attack. In cases of street battles that can cost health, life or wallet, so the best way to overcome the stupor – it's aggression. First, it mobilizes the natural ability of the body, second breaks the psychological alignment of the "predator-prey", which you trying to impose your opponent. And when you are with him have changed places, intense, aggressive attack will help you to quickly complete a conflict in your favor. And the last – expediency. Despite the fact that Krav Maga is based on the principles of hard and traumatic, does not mean that it promotes or endorses cruelty and violence. Self-defense includes not only the process direct combat, but what precedes it, as well as its consequences. It is not necessary to break the neck of one who clicked on your nose or jaw to break the one whom you can crush morale. At the same time, the question is when you or or it may be worth vibration of life, so everything should always adequately the threat. Having mastered the skills of self-defense, you can protect yourself and loved ones, your self-confidence and improve your fitness, provided permanent employment. And once acquired the ability to stand up for themselves will remain with you forever.

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