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For the average person, he leaves from this declining he must to the biochemical changes of the aging, and starts off must to the lack of use. The body will adapt to the stress of the exercise increasing its capacity to carry out a work, effect that is vital to use in years more young people to make sure a healthful oldness. An appropriate feeding will delay or diminish the biochemical changes of the aging, that create degenerativas diseases, and will cause that the exercise and the recovery are more pleasant. The goal of a plan of exercises is to secure the state of maximum preparation. If the exercise is too moderate or too brief, the heart will not benefit from the activity.

Nevertheless, he is better to increase in slow and gradual form the intensity of the exercise, giving him to the body, the time sufficient to adapt to the new and necessary wearing downs of energy that creates. Anyway, if you already are gliding to begin a determined program of exercise physical, he is advisable that consults with a doctor to know if he is the adapted one for his body. Natural feeding: and exercise must go of the hand and to be inseparable in the search of a thinner and healthier body. Through the practice of a suitable physical activity and a correct feeding and the careful application of this knowledge, anyone can secure results in the search of its objectives of arriving at the ideal corporal weight. The ideal to secure our own weight and to avoid the obesity is to take an feeding with cereals, fruits and vegetables preparations in natural form. The fats of fish and the olive oil are really good for the body, and would have ideally to compose the majority of the originating calories of fats. The fats of origin animal (that is to say, the contained ones in meat and milky) are less healthy, and would have to be consumed in minimum amounts. This is obtained eating vegetal protein, chicken without skin and fish.

It is necessary to remember that the fat of the diet is today an enemy for the loss of weight, and, in the long term, an enemy for the cardiac ailments. All the foods will become stored fat if energetics are consumed in excess of the needs. In order to reduce the fat accumulations in the body, it is necessary to use more energy of the one than it is consumed in foods, by means of corporal activities and exercises. The very low diets in calories and the deficiency of exercise contribute to burn so much the muscular mass as the corporal fat. This condition is very bad for the body, and the hunger, by ricochet, gives like result that reclaims the corporal fat. The body reclaims the fat more easily, and with time, it changes the composition of the body to a greater percentage of fat. An exercised good body biochemically will be trained to more efficiently use fats coming from the diet and of the reserves like power plants. The tendency to store fats is reduced with the athletic training. If the intensity of the exercise is the quite high thing, the body will burn energy during hours after the exercise has finished.

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