The Adult

Locke (1690) based the philosophical chain chamadaempirismo, this chain discourses that the man is one tabulates flat, that is, aspessoas when makes being born it without knowing absolutely of nothing, without impressions esem knowledge some, this process is learned by the experience, pelatentativa and error. The man of Locke lived in a daily pay-social period of training epr-politician, that is, ' ' state of natureza' ' , only that different doestado of hobbesiano war, it was a state of relative peace, concord and harmony, as descrito for Weffort: ' ' In this pacific state the men already were endowed derazo and enjoyed of the property that, in a first meaning genricautilizada for Locke (1998, p.85) assigned the life simultaneously, liberdadee the goods as natural laws of the being humano.' ' Rousseau (1762) defends the internal social contract, is against oque comes of is, the man is born good and the society for being egoist and elitistaacaba confusing, that is, the socialization is guilty for the disfigurement of the same. Iluminista, precursory philosopher of the romantismo in sc. XIX and although to be umiluminista he was a critic to the movement. Its thought politician is based naidia of the natural goodness it man. Rousseau is the philosopher of the nature, daliberdade and of the equality. The family is seen as the doestado consequence.

Crianaum to be innocent and good by its very nature. She sees infancy as a moment where if to see, if she thinks and if she feels the world in a proper way, therefore action of educating the nestemomento must be natural, that it has taken in consideration ' ' naivety einconscincia' ' of the child, who marks the lack of the adult reason. Construodo man if does not make only of intellect, therefore the nelepresentes primitive disposals as: the emotions, the directions, the instincts and the feelings, existemantes of the elaborated thought, these primitive dimensions are for reliable it, masdigna of what the habits of thoughts that had been forged pelasociedade and taxes to the individuals.

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