As The Years Go ….

Being on the course and building a turning possible) more camouflaged paradigm, quasi invisible and effective, is the surreptitious installation of anti-aging culture and their presence is confirmation that the exclusion exists and must flee not to discuss it .- This is an attempt to escape fragmentation, psychological and social consequences. Then the body is the only one – is to – the state of “announcement” of the exclusion exists and that alone is endowed with a negative value, not the content, not the spirit “The crisis is valued then as it has been subtracted from the memory and that she keeps it as waste and not measured as the value .- Then, we talk about rehabilitation from outside the process of losses, losses in the individual supersede the reflections on death, a theme installed as a loss and it is not .

– It is really a presentation of the rest of your life and the changes of the axiology of the agendas of the last pages .- The most damaging is not perceiving that the first and almost half of the pages of this agenda are post-modern, pre and, “post” is actually an attempt to close the ones that come back in an attitude that seeks restorative. Give this man more money and resources and be less anxious, be more secure, more creative in deciding on the aims of the rest of his life, it’s like the revitalization of these few pages to be filled, they were as if they were the first .- What some call the “creative act” that person can build better, perhaps much better than the exponents of anti-aging, which in reality is the culture of the early surrender .- The current pension system is not guilty, are those who have enabled and all-encompassing review of these acts of old, is what the ruling of the Supreme Court noted in the “Badaro” .

– It should be read in such a failure, at the barricades, which can also help metabolize the concept of death, and not just any barricade, it is the which confirms the possibility that the future is also constructible by all, really all .- To me, this happens to me and I have vivid dreams and hopes that I will be part of the change we dream – where you work and where lives, which is more or less the same – even with the eyes looking at nothing, that put us ahead of them to shut that door that others dare not cross. I do, and I’ll be there and will not be final, it’s just the desire of the enemy and I do mine ..

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