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To provide an overview of the proposal, describes briefly each of the action lines: responsible for media classrooms. Objective: Establish instruments and formats that are required to monitor the educational actions undertaken in the various classrooms of media. Does this action is suggested to be made during the development of the first two months of 2002 school cycle 2003?. The instruments considered for the informative folder and its purpose are detailed below: schedule of activities in the classroom media. Its function is to organize schedules for use of the resources of the media classroom for school groups and teaching staff of the institution.

It will also take as a basic criterion for pedagogical technical monitoring visits in Presential modality by personnel from the area. You are prompted at the beginning of the respective school cycle, and when changes or reprogramming to occur in the use of classroom schedules of Media. Planning bimonthly format. Format that aims to encourage planning in periods of medium-term, their temporary location corresponds to bimesters students school activities programme is organized. Please list and describe relevant activities, in the areas of collaborative projects, use of video library, media library, programming from Edusat, and all school project with curricular content is dealt with the media classroom resources.

. Disadvantages of educators unfortunately the impact that has had with this program has not been entirely satisfactory and that in many cases teachers lead their group without a lesson plan and let students carry out activities of little use and in other cases media classrooms have become computing workshops that teachers do not have sufficient preparation to optimize the use of these resources and that reflected in the learning of their students. WHICH way can be IMPACTING East feed scientist to the MAGISTERIAL work for my medium classrooms are an important tool for both the master as for students since they come with programs that facilitate teaching and learning. Making it more fun and less stressful for l student. Original author and source of the article.

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