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Image Viewfinder

Frame viewfinder (ikonometr) consists of two frames: short-and large format negatives, and they are separated from one another by a distance equal to focal length lens. Frame viewfinder gives the image in its actual size and is very convenient for viewing. Pass-through optical viewfinder consists of two rectangular lenses: the scattering and collecting (eyepiece), concluded in folding rim of the frame. Mirror optical viewfinder consists of two collecting lenses, one of which is less placed vertically and a second, larger size – horizontally at the top of the viewfinder; between them at an angle of 45 degrees to both lenses reinforced mirror, reflecting upward rays passed through the smaller lens. As a result, great lens forms a mirror-reversed image of your subject. Let's try to guess where the name came slr cameras.

Electronic viewfinder displays the image photographed by the camera lens. Electronic viewfinder – this lcd – the screen size is so important, is not it? rf cameras. Rangefinder – the best way the tangent the camera focus. Ranging called Devices designed to determine the distance from the observer to the observed object. The use of rangefinders in photographic practice borrowed from the artillery units range finders. Operating principle range finder based on the fact that if you look at one and the same object from two different points A and B, separated from one another at a distance, and so that the angle A must was a direct, depending on the distance from point A to observed object, the angle B will change.

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Video Cameras

Electronic stabilization is possible only with photo and video cameras that have image sensor. When shifting the picture (video) camera electronic field shifts the reading from the sensor. In this mode, you can use only part of the usable area of the sensor. Anti Shake – patented by Konica Minolta stabilization system, in which the movable light-sensitive sensor tracks the movement of the image projected by the matrix. In all systems, motion (Shaking movements) recorded a special sensor. Latent image – it's invisible image formed in the emulsion layer by light. Light causes changes in the chemical composition of the crystals silver salts.

These changes are the larger, more intense light flux. After processing in the developer and other solutions, the image becomes visible: negative, positive and negative film in slide or reversal film. Softbox – a design in a box with a translucent side, serving to get even and soft (soft) raasseyannogo lighting. The light source is used the flash, sometimes a small halogen lamp power. Washington – is the degree of density of light and dark image areas. Cool colors on color photos correspond to the blue spectrum, and warm colors – red and brown tones. Viewfinder Type (optical, electronic, mirror) optical viewfinder is an optical lens system in the camera, through which the pointing device on the subject and define the boundaries of the image for future photos. Optical viewfinder has some drawbacks: due to different optical axis of the viewfinder and the lens axis photographer sees through the eyepiece is not quite what you get on film.