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I could check in Wikipedia in Spanish had certain improprieties, making truth and enacting all its visitors a term and end that is not true because there is nothing more in mind and illusion of the Catalan nationalists, Catalan countries, and thought, if Wikipedia can distribute as well a fallacy like that, you can also distribute my how good illusionsat the end, after all, the difference between one and another just is the amount of people that follow, so I opened an account to me and explained the Jotabe rhyme that I created and it has been distributed by the movement poets of the world in its newsletter, but curiously, erased the page citing that it was self-promotion. However, I wanted to try again and went back to open another account with another name and went back to advertise Jotabe rhyme, although clear, not helped me at all, because the IP was the same and the content of the page also, so they returned me to delete. So far there had been no more problem, but what It broke my patience and anger was the fact the librarian named martial art told me that I could get in touch with him, provided that it was in correct terms, without insults, and that it wasn’t in English, because I didn’t understand it, but that could speak to him in catalan. That last phrase marked the turning point of use of Wikipedia, as with that kind of librarian, all items you will find in Wikipedia Spain, will be filtered by the Catalan interests and not interests cultural for humanity and tight to the historical reality. With which I have come to the conclusion that this great dream which was the free encyclopedia Wikipedia, has degenerated in some places as Spain, in a cluster of political interests in the service of a region in particular of it alone.

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