Why Should You Pay Money To A Savings Account?

Even if you’re filthy rich a savings account would not the place where you keep your assets… Imagine, a savings account interest rates were so high that you could live alone good. Why should you not simply depositing then your money on a such a savings account? Or in bonds investing (bonds), with which you get more accurately this small Prozentchen. You’ll be have prompted himself probably ever. For example, if you read that a well-known millionaire has lost his money because he invested it in things, of which he has actually no idea. If I were rich, I would have beautiful deposited my money on a savings account or in government bonds “, I hear say most people in such a situation. Beautiful drive interest and otherwise frittering away confidence overdose a dime then I ask you directly yet something else: How can it be that the richest people in the world have all built their fortunes in the last decades? Why were so many families before hundred years filthy rich and not anymore? Are now many again in the category of average Joe”? The answer lies partly based in the above things.

Rich people have too much self confidence and engage in silly adventures. Or but spoiled heirs spend the family legacy in a very short time. You will find the other part of the explanation in events that made people crisis, hyperinflation, wars. Economic crises, phases of hyper-inflation and wars. Responsible, conservative people put their money on secure”savings accounts and bonds until proved that this was not at all certain and inflation (talk: currency devaluation) had made sure, that their money was nothing more worth. A huge mistake the 1970s were the last phase in the inflation was so strong, that the real value of money in a savings account dropped steadily for years. No catastrophic circumstances, but it was still poorer. The last three decades have been quiet.

That’s why savings accounts are appreciated by many citizens as safe. People have a habit of automatically projecting their own experiences from the past to the future. In other words they expect a similar development of the coming decades. A huge mistake which can cause much suffering financial and so personal. We are at a crucial stage in our opinion we are now in a crucial phase. “We fear that the next ten years for all people, the safe money” have created on a bank deposit or in government bonds are disastrous. Wherefore have we a single and unique rapport with the title reads prepared and have a plan “written. Have you not requested nor this report? Do it now still. Please read it carefully, accept our opinion without thinking and form your own opinion. You should read it but quite sure again! With friendly regards, Rene SIP

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