Waste Recycling Sector

In value terms, total production of recycled waste reached 1,720 million euros in 2007 (including metal, paper and cardboard, wood, glass and plastic), after registering growth of 25% in 2006 and 17% in the past year. This growth was supported by the upward trajectory of the price of some materials, especially metal. The metal recycling segment was that experienced greater dynamism, showing a rate of variation of 18.2% last year, to around 8 million tonnes, which represented 51% of the total. For its part, the volume of paper and paperboard production reached 4.9 million tons, around 6% more than the previous year. The rest of segments, which each represent less than 10% of the total production, also recorded a positive performance, with growth rates of the volume of production in the environment of 10% in the case of wood and glass, while the production of recycled plastic grew around 5 % in the last year.

On the other hand, the total volume of recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment reached 150,000 tons in 2007, compared with the 90,000 registered in 2006, with most of the production to plastic and metal waste. WILL PROVIDE MORE THAN 17 MILLION TONS IN 2008. The evolution of the production of waste recycling of metal, paper and cardboard, wood, glass and plastic for the coming years expected to high rates of growth, expecting production increases close to 10%. Thus, total production could reach 17.4 billion tons at the end of 2008.

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