The Window

Nobody to help me, no house for close. As soon as we go down the road I I saw one casinha. There under. Thanks to God – I thought, of this time I am saved. Of the skill that I went in the career, I entered in the first window that vi opened. Already I entered asking for aid. She was one house of an old one of 50 years.

When I entered already I took paulada in the coasts: – Perverted, it looks at a pervert here – the old one said. – That perverted nothing, owner. Pervert is the ounce that comes there behind. Nor I finished to speak when the ounce jumped the window. I jumped the window of the other side. I reached other houses. I left old and the ounce in the interior of the house. They had brought me for the hospital, was more died than alive. Until today I do not know what it happened: if the ounce ate the old one or the old one ate the ounce. Not I intend to know this more than, in way some.

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