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Gland Progesterone

In the birds, great and yellow folculos, destined to the ovulao are organized inside of a hierarchy (JOHNSON, 1993). The left ovrio presents cellular and endcrina function. Firmly it is adhered to the dorsal corporal wall, placed closely in the previous polar region of the left kidney. Its size depends on the functional state where the bird if finds. Add to your understanding with Senator of Massachusetts. The color is yellowish with pink shades, of rounded off form the polygon, lobated and frivel, presenting folculos with ovcitos (RUTZ et al.

2007). One of the main functions of the ovrios is the hormone production esterides, essentials for the growth and function of the reproductive treatment. The progesterone acts in the secretion of albmen and induction of the LH peak. The andrognios act in secondary sexual characteristics (crest and barbela). The estrognios act in the synthesis of the egg yolk for the liver, calcium mobilization of the bones medulares for the gland of the rind. In contrast to mammals, the cells of the granular they are the main sources of progesterone and small amounts of andrognios, whereas the cells of the theca produce andrognios and estradiol. It is important to point out that the cells of the granular do not luteinizam, because the necessity of formation of lteo body does not exist, a structure associated with the prenhez (BAHR AND JOHNSON, 1991). According to Rabbit (2006), oviduto of the birds is a tubular segment that if communicates with the ovrio by means of infundbulo.

The development of oviduto is stimulated by some gonadais hormones, even so the action of the progesterone more is directed for secretrias cells, such as those responsible ones for the avidina production. Estrognio and andrognio promote the development of a variety of fabric to glandular inside, muscular and conjunctive of oviduto. Anatomically oviduto is divided in five parts: infundbulo, great, isthmus, uterus and vagina (Figure 01).

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The Withdrawal

Detergents can be used with the function to remove dirts and to penetrate in cracks, but these do not have to be mixed other agents of cleanness, therefore they can inactivate one or another one during the cleanness (LANA, 2000). After the withdrawal of lot must to carry through cleanness efficient, where if remaining portion removes of ration that porventura is in the place, removes equipment, washes, disinfects (with deodorants that they better provide action on pathogenic agents) and it displays to the sun; it leaves bed, gets wet and enlona the truck; they are swept and they washed ceilings, screens, walls silos and pisos (LANA, 2000). After the accomplishment of the cleanness, initiates the disinfection process, that still must be made with the humid installations, where if applies insecticides of low toxicidade and whitewash hidratada with water. The great difficulty is in carrying through the disinfection if attacking the environment (JAENISCH et al, 2010). According to Saints (et al, 2009), it can also be used quaternary ammonia, phenols and cresis and chlorine.

The installations must be closed and without use per approximately 10 days (LANA, 2000). Some factors exist that can influence in the action of the deodorant, as for example: Phenolic coefficient of the product; dilution in which the deodorant is used; temperature and way of application and time of exposition (LANA, 2000), in addition the antimicrobiana performance can be affected by the presence of organic material (JAENISCH et al, 2010). In such a way it is necessary to observe some points during the choice of the deodorant: not to be toxic for animal men or, to be highly germicida, who are effective, to be not-corrosive, to be soluble in water, to have to be able of penetration, preference to be odourless and to have low cost (LANA, 2000). According to Lana (2000), it is in this period (that it precedes achegada of the pintinhos), that you vary activities must happen, for example, the extermnio of rodents; the revision and maintenance of the equipment, curtains, screens and roofs and other problems that can porventura appear.