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If you would like to celebrate your hen from an original and different way? He flees from the multitudinous farewells and little original, surprise your friends and family with a different weekend and adventure. Now you can celebrate your hen to your air and with your people. There are currently many cottages and farms for rent for this type of celebrations. They tend to be estates for bachelor parties with capacity for large groups. If you are thinking in celebrate your farewell in a cottage, we recommend that you you consider the following guidelines: 1 – talking with the owner of the accommodation. It will make sure that you know that the rent that you have is for a hen. Keep in mind that there are houses that do not want this type of celebrations. It is best to let clear from the first moment of the rental object to avoid misunderstood.

2 Seeking accommodation with a large room or an area where you can all be together when it comes to lunch and dinner. 3 Choose those accommodations that are away from urban centres and adjoining houses. This way, you can be holiday without disturbing anyone. 4- Normally for this kind of festivals the cottages often ask for a deposit. It is good idea that bail pay it among all equal parts. Thus, the entire backyard you must behave in a responsible manner. 4.

It is a good idea if you think partying you contract a mini bus or taxi that you bring to the entire group. Like this. Nobody will have to lead and you avoid you having to give thousands of laps to find parking. Original author and source of the article