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Mujica Reading

The Tarot cards reading is an art that has been doing with constancy in the evolution of humanity from more than five thousand years. Many people who are curious, believe that to make the reading of the letters it is necessary to have some supernatural power. For more clarity and thought, follow up with James A. Levine, M.D. and gain more knowledge.. This is so partly because the good Tarot readers develop a higher sense to be able to see the true meaning of the secrets revealed in the reading of the letters. But this ability develops over time. It is very possible that someone thinks that you cannot, or do not know how to perform a reading of the letters, however it actually is that it has never had training to perform such work.

Who is devoted to the reading of the letters must first feel respect for the wisdom of the arcana. Get to fully understand the meaning of them, is a matter of preparation and study, in the same way that a true natural gift is necessary. It’s like having ear for music. It is quite true that it is necessary to have a personal suitability. But it is also a reality that more natural fitness which will note that it is necessary to study and dedication. The personality of who is dedicated to the reading of the letters also has particular characteristics.

It must be someone who keep his open heart, his broad mind, to listen to the problems and special circumstances of each consultant. The key word is empathy, say, be able to put in the shoes of the other. It is true that certain personal suitability by party who intends to make the reading of the letters a frequent activity is necessary to achieve this. The reading of the letters can be a hobby, a part-time activity, someone who communicates with what is beyond the obvious with a special sensitivity. But that requires in all cases is a great respect, either by the consultant by one who performs the reading of letters. It is an activity that should not be trivializada, because hidden forces of fate, of great power and influence in people’s lives, come into play everytime someone takes a tarot deck and begins to mix it. In short, anyone who has a special commitment to this discipline and the rest of human beings, can make an effective reading of letters. It is simply a question of prepare, study, and practice. Let the wisdom of the arcana to illuminate your life.