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1 Always reserve energy, that the road is long and learns to relax, nothing happens. Do not burn. Stop and enjoy the scenery. You get lots of pictures. Talk to people, you will have pleasant memories and learn things of the Earth that you visit. 2.

Don’t make too many plans. Things never go as you think them. Others including Tony Mandarich, offer their opinions as well. At the most inopportune moment something will you fall, you will lose, happen anything that will force you to change plans. It is not that you’re a total anarchic, but I know flexible, let things go alone, you trust in Providence. At the end he does not usually go too wrong. Enjoy also the bad times.

Keep your eyes open to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise and ask for advice to residents about which sites to view. 3. The number ideal people to travel together, we think that it is four, by the following: It have to be a solitary, adventurous soul to dare to go alone. Many of the problems that you might have, although luckily we already have mobile phones. And on top you have to charge you with everything. Two they are few people, as one should be under the care of the camp and the other go to where appropriate, so that the two are alone many times. Furthermore it is worse if it is discussed, because there is no one to mediate, the blame is always on the other. At least you can distribute weight and it is not very difficult to go at the same pace. Three are also few because in the case before, will one always stay the person, which is a problem. If there is fighting, one can mediate, but how bad would that be put according to one and leave the other pulled. You see that I insist on the issue of fighting; It is not that we are all day of fights, but there are many tough situations in which discrepancies arise.

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It is always a good time to travel the world, experience new cultures, or simply leave the Office for a good period of time. It is possible that you sewing not more at your workplace, that have decided to look for something better, or that directly does not work today. So take advantage of these nest egg and travels the world, to clarify your ideas knowing something more interesting than the four walls that surround you. To choose the perfect destination should keep in mind several things: If you prefer to go to a place where you feel at home, where talk your language, or go to an area where you feel like an alien, to enjoy a completely different culture, in search of a great challenge. If your budget is limited, you have to think far you can stretch it. Another issue is security, even if you are travelling in a group.

Before you go, investigates a little about the site you want to visit and find out how to travel safely. Some countries have more risks that others, and take simple precautions mark difference between good or bad memories. These are some of our best selections, a mixture of known places and other more unusual and exotic, lost to the world. Gives equal what corner need, there is a place in the world for you! Thailand Thailand offers many opportunities, since your degree of diving up to work with wild animals, like monkeys and elephants. In addition, many rural provinces are demanding volunteer teachers for working with groups of all ages.There you will find beautiful landscapes, beautiful beaches of crystal clear waters, good food, and good atmosphere of nightlife, where you practice your English. Search for cheap flights to Bangkok. Australia when you arrive in Australia, probably flying to Sydney or Melbourne, probably will find at least one part-time job.