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The Skin And Sun

Tonics produced by cosmetic firms differ in the content of the alcohol. 20-25 years, if you do not use make-up, the need to use a special tonic net.Uvlazhnenie. Our skin is constantly losing moisture, so the need for daily moisturizing. The spectrum of moisturizers are very broad: all kinds of water and oil solutions, emulsions and creams. Aqueous solutions have a very rapid but short-lived effect. Oil anhydrous solutions on their own can not moisturize the skin.

They simply form a protective film on the skin, preventing evaporation of moisture. Emulsions are a mixture of oil and water in different proportions. The greater the percentage of water, the faster the emulsion is absorbed into the skin. Oil component with a protective film that prevents the evaporation of moisture. The greater the percentage of oil in the emulsion, the longer preserved effect moisture, but too thick emulsion leave stains on the clothes and the discomfort on his face. Most effectively retain skin moisture cream, consisting of fatty acids and alcohols. They are not sticky, as oil emulsions, while mimicking the properties of the skin vlagosberegayuschie sala.Zaschita. The action of the sun, wind, dry indoor air adversely affects the condition of our skin.

Therefore, it needs special protective equipment. Sun. In the summer should be used as a foundation or day cream to moisturize with a UV-filter. They protect the skin from harmful UV rays. But if you assume a long time in the sun, always wear a hat with large fields or a cap with a long peak.

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Facial Skin and Age

Beauty – a very abstract subject. Not yet most complete definition of beauty, and even more feminine beauty. What is beauty? The reference face of a young girl with a healthy glow to the skin or movement, and confident charisma more experienced woman? Volume or blond hair? Or the mysterious and alluring mystery of the eyes? Answers to these questions is difficult, but that's an indisputable fact is that the skin of the face and neck has been there and will be an integral theme in any conversation about the superiority of one over the other women. Endocrinologist shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Influence of age on the body and, of course, to the skin, reflecting the inner harmony of all the digestive system, circulatory system and the interaction various organs to each other, inevitably makes itself felt. The first symptoms of skin aging gradually expanded to all areas of the body. The most sensitive to this process overt skin, face and neck. Here the signs of aging most obvious.

The first is a decrease in elasticity of soft tissues. The changes are noticeable when fine lines are found in corners of eyes. Healthy lifestyle, physical exercises, and constant care of the skin can hold back the natural processes of aging. In the struggle for the preservation of youth is very important to find the right set of cosmetic products for skin care. That is why the cosmetics line 'Crystal Youth' from DeSheli our professionals have tried to fully address the needs of mature skin.

It is based contains only natural ingredients, manufactured with the latest research in the world cosmetology. Products Series anti age actively nourish your skin and saturate it, struggle with there are signs of aging, preventing further progression, and restore skin youthfulness and elasticity. Natural components can achieve smoothing effect, restoring the natural texture of the face. It should be noted that in the manufacture of products using the latest technology "intelligent crystals." "Intelligent crystals" that are part of cosmetic products, increase their impact and to allow for the greatest effect of the active ingredients of these drugs. At any age, skin needs in cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing. This is the main and basic care, which will help you maintain beautiful skin for a long time. Israeli cosmetics DeSheli has united all of the necessary funds in charge of professional care face right at home. Cosmetics are quickly absorbed, removing stress mimic the skin. Your skin will become pomolodeet and freshness. Cosmetic line 'Crystal Youth' from DeSheli was designed specifically for women who like to care for themselves and always want to look great. All of our cosmetic line takes care of your skin and gives her show even the slightest signs of aging, making you more confident in their beauty and attractiveness. And most importantly, never forget that every woman deserves to be beautiful! Source:

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Home Beauty

Girls and boys, women and men! Throw out a gym membership, remove from the phone book phone number of your beautician, give a discount card beauty my friend, forget mode, not allowing to eat after 18.00! You seems strange to our call? Do you think that you can not look young, beautiful and taut, without doing themselves? You're absolutely right! Indeed, nothing can replace the exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet, if you want to have a precise figure. And even more so you can hardly do without the services of a hairdresser, even if just prefer free flowing hair over her shoulders. And as for a cosmetologist? Do you think that its services need you like air? No, here we can not support you! Moreover, we believe that in the near future profession beautician becomes absolutely irrelevant. The fact that there were cosmetic products, which not require any intervention specialists. This is a unique Israeli line Crystal Youth from DeSheli, which entered the Russian cosmetics market recently – in April 2010. Thanks to technology, manufacturing cosmetics, dubbed "intelligent chip" is not only slows down the aging process, but recovered and has "grown up" cells, the immunity of the skin.

Another advantage of the Israeli cosmetics DeSheli is that it is at the leading Israeli factory Hlavin. Israeli cosmetics at all times famous for the fact that only manufactured from environmentally friendly and natural raw materials. Products DeSheli – is no exception. Of course, first heard about a new product, it's hard to believe its uniqueness. But, fortunately, the opinion of professionals will be appreciated and treasured forever! We give you the words of a specialist – someone who understands this products.

"The procedure cosmetics DeSheli very much like a salon – said beautician beauty studio De-chavannes Maria Golubeva, – I fear that the client will forget about me, if he knew that all it would do for myself. Say, why should I pay extra money if I can use it all at home. We used to fight in the cabin with one problem at first, then the other, and DeSheli struggling with the problems of the skin due to only one procedure. For the products of this company is well as for the interior is not very profitable! "A huge number of advantages of the line Crystal Youth notes and dermakosmetolog beauty Bontabelle Elena Potapenko:" The peculiarity of cosmetics DeSheli I said, above all, in the composition. Themselves expensive components, along with "intelligent crystals" make this product not only incredibly effective, and even unique. Cosmetics DeSheli with full confidence can be attributed to the professional line. This was is the fact that the line Crystal Youth provided care to more than 6 stages. Women tend to only use lotion for cleansing and moisturizing cream. A nourishing mask is applied more rarely: once every week or two. Thus, a person receive inferior care. A means of elite cosmetics DeSheli complement each other. After care – a system approach and hard work! "With this statement is difficult to disagree! If you really love perfectly look and catch the admiring glances of others, you have to devote much time to their appearance, spending many hours in beauty salons. You now have the "home" alternative. Just a half hour to look great! That is why today cosmetic sets Crystal Youth from DeSheli cause incredible interest not only weak but also strong half of mankind. If you love yourself, cosmetics DeSheli necessarily should take place of honor on your dresser!