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Lemons, grapefruit and oranges in particular, are the perfect solution in combating many disease states, but especially help maintain good form when it has vital health. The juice of oranges, especially the citric acid: oxidant cleanser, disinfectant and contributes to the elimination of all substances that the body breaks down and rest in our bodies. It contains rich in trace elements and vitamins which make up a magnificent natural drug, which contains different substances which help significantly to improve our body. These include: calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potash, soda, minerals and also contains vitamins A, B, G and, especially, C. A cure for oranges, get real miracles with digestive disorders, headaches, stress, depression, rheumatic processes, poisoning … etc. Taking appropriate doses, like a glass of fresh juice in the morning upon waking up, about 10 minutes before breakfast, disinfects muscles stomach and dissolves accumulated debris, facilitating the secretions necessary for digestion. People with severe constipation, caused by nervousness, medicines, travel, food changes, pregnancy …

etc. magnesium containing the juice of oranges, and excites peristalsis helps clean the intestinal tract, destroys pathogenic microbial flora of the colon, constipation and helping to fight the evacuation, we support this function, with a diet of high fiber and plenty of fluids. The accumulation of fat in the liver and pancreas, often result in frequent conditions such as headaches and dizziness, so the orange juice, contributes to the cleaning and disposal of these substances that are deposited in these organs. Also the soda contained in the juice of citrus juice stimulates pancreatic digestive process activates the gastroduodenal, triggers the secretion hydrochloride and helps dissolve uric acid. For nervous people in times of stress, depression and intoxication, phosphorus juice oranges, is extremely beneficial and necessary for our body. People with digestive disorders, migraines or rheumatic processes, conducting a three day diet juice oranges taking, performed miracles. The orange is highly beneficial for its diuretic properties, making it easier to urinate. As is known, calcium facilitates the development of bones in children and in adults strengthens and tones, but we can say for women with menopause. And the potash contained in citrus juice, acts as regulator and tonic, contributing greatly to dissolve fat. And iron helps the blood hemoglobinizacion. However, there are contradictions in people with heartburn, consult your physician.